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Multi Channel

Multi-Channel Experience

Users are interacting with more devices than ever before, requiring digital services to take an omni-channel approach. By creating digital services with various frontends in mind, users are able to interact with digital products with the channel that is most convienent for them at any specific time.

Integration of inventory IT

To deliver tailor-made digital experiences, companies need to access data where it is most readily available and do so with as little effort as possible. Create quickly connectors to your enterprise IT, databases, Cloud APIs and even IoT devices and share them via the EASY ApiOmat Marketplace.

IT Governence

IT Governance

EASY ApiOmat provides the tools necessary for enforcing digital governance. From detailed audit logs of each digital service and role-based access rights to standardized digital infrastructure and generated RESTful APIs, EASY ApiOmat allows enterprises to establish the right mixture of standards and flexibility while maintaining control over their digital ecosystem.

Hosting, support, operation

Whether you prefer public cloud, private cloud, on-premise or hybrid installation, EASY ApiOmat offers standardized platform hosting on various infrastructures, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Private Cloud (T-Systems, ACP), SAP Cloud Platform, Google Cloud.

Hosting Support Betrieb

Analytics & Experience Management

Make data drive decisions to improve your digital services and have insights for designing new ones in compliance with data protection regulations. EASY ApiOmat Analytics provides the insight needed to deliver the best use experience.

Digital Factory

Meeting the challenges of an agile market requires a variety of skills and prerequisites. If these are lacking, digitization initiatives and projects often fail before they have even begun. In order for digitization to succeed, EASY ApiOmat provides experienced teams and the appropriate technology for implementation, adapted to our customer’s individual needs.

Digital Factory
Customer success stories


LBBW‘s new customer portal offers a future-looking and smooth userexperience. According to Thomas Löffler, IT manager for LBBW‘s Commercialplatform, LBBW is extremely satisfied with the current statusof the project and the collaboration with EASY.

BKK Linde delegated customer concerns digitally

With the service app from BKK Linde, insured customers can now make customer data available on all channels in compliance with the data protection requirements. Insured customers can themselves decide when and where they provide the data.

BKK Linde digitizes the paper process family portfolio care

Accessing healthcare should be easy and on-demand and for those insured with the Linde Corporation’s Health Insurance, it is. BKK Linde built their newest digital service at startup speed while ensuring the project, and all future projects, will fulfill EU data privacy standards as well as special German insurance-data privacy regulations.


RheinEnergie’s SmartContracting application not only ensures a better customer experience, but also guarantees that high-quality data is made available digitally.

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