For over 25 years, EASY SOFTWARE has stood for innovative software solutions. Today, our products and services have long been in use all over the world. Countless partners, customers, and users rely on them every day, and so do our employees. Their expertise focus on service and having a down-to-earth attitude, giving EASY SOFTWARE a face, and are a major part of our success. Get to know us and our team better!

  • Derek Lambert
    Derek Lambert Managing Director of EASY SOFTWARE INC

    Derek Lambert joined EASY SOFTWARE INC in 2018 as Director of Sales, Americas. With a career in technology Sales and Sales Management that spans nearly 20 years, Derek leads EASY SOFTWARE’s US team to expand our SAP and ECM customer base in the Americas region. Since April 2021 Derek is Managing Director of EASY SOFTWARE INC

    Our mission

    What we do and what our solutions are capable of already say a lot about EASY SOFTWARE. But even more than “what”, “how” really tells you about us as a company. Our mission let you know how we think and what is important to us.

    our mission

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