Managed Services

cost-effective, fast, and competent

Focus on your customers. On developing your business. On your strategy and your vision. The Managed Service offers from EASY SOFTWARE AG give you the room to do that. They offer you what you need for cost-effective and secure operation, for fast and successful projects. Flexible, competent, and always up to date. Our scalable and comprehensive range of managed services will impress you. We provide you with exactly the service you need. Cost-effective, fast, and competent. We are there for you!

Our Cloud Services

EASY Application Hosting

Do you want to hand off the full responsibility for the availability of your EASY software solutions? The EASY expert team will operate your EASY software solution for you. With the most up-to-date, scalable infrastructure.

EASY Private Cloud

Exchange email archiving cloud

Expand Microsoft Exchange with audit-proof email archiving in the cloud. This relieves the burden on the Exchange infrastructure and forms the basis for extensive automation of business processes.

Exchange email archiving

Our Managed Services offer in detail

EASY Administrator

Does your IT team need support in operating your EASY software solutions? We will place an EASY Administrator at your side. They will fit seamlessly into your IT team, assist with their expert knowledge, and handle the operation of the EASY software solution in coordination with you. No matter if only for a short time or longer.

EASY Managed Application

Would you like to operate EASY software solutions without building up the necessary expert knowledge internally or loading employees with additional tasks? Then take advantage of our EASY Managed Application offer. Our operating team will take over all the necessary work as part of out tasking – in close cooperation with your IT team.

EASY Remote Admin Package

Anytime, anywhere: As a customer of EASY SOFTWARE AG, you have flexible access to the helping hands of EASY Managed Service experts at short notice – within 24 hours. You can book the EASY Remote Admin Package as a fixed contingent of hours – and use it flexibly. Learn more in our brochure.

Remote Admin Package

EASY Product Support

Should your users receive the best support in their work with your specific EASY software solution? We’ll be happy to provide you with the EASY Product Support – a cost-effective and at the same time technically ideal solution. Our employees have years of experience in Product Support and are extremely familiar with your EASY solution.

EASY Support

EASY Premium Support

Do you want extensive and clearly defined service levels for your product support? EASY Premium Support provides a tailored offer, so to speak. Benefit from our expanded – depending on the urgency of your question – service hours and bindingly ensured reaction times.

EASY Premium Support

EASY Consulting

EASY Consulting provide you with a highly expert consultant. With our expertise and talent for innovation, we cover operational management, service delivery management, process consultation, process automation, the Cloud, Software as a Service, application hosting, adaptation, and development.

EASY Consulting

We are part of your team. Whenever you need us.


Managed Service from EASY supports you in many ways. And at the same time in the only way that makes sense: the way you need right now. Because here you will find EASY experts for operation, the hosting and support of EASY software solutions, and their concentrated expertise in every aspect of operation management.

This is how you benefit from the knowledge of our Managed Service team!


  • Enhance your IT team with the software expertise and operator know-how of EASY SOFTWARE.
  • Leave the hosting and/or operation of your EASY solution to us.
  • Put the creation of operating concepts for EASY solutions in the hands of our specialists.
  • Let us optimize and monitor your EASY software solutions.
  • Rely on the support of the EASY SOFTWARE Managed Service team on your way to the Cloud and SaaS solutions.
  • Rely on the consulting expertise of your contacts in the Managed Service team throughout the entire lifecycles of your EASY solutions.

No matter if it’s operation, update, migration, sizing, performance tuning, deployment, or adjustment of your EASY solution, the Managed Service team is always on your side. Fast, expert, committed.

Wolf Ortlinghaus