The goal in sight.
The start before our eyes.
Something new is beginning.

The digitization of business processes affects midsized companies and major corporations alike. Regardless of the company size, only the right digitization strategy will provide you with the freedom you need to remain successful. Your digital agenda is our incentive. Because your path in the digital world is a complex series of individual steps which must be well thought out. From the measurement of digital maturity to the development of your digitization strategy to the introduction of a continual adjustment process.


We are your digital strategy consultant. We will accompany you through the transformation.
Step by step.

Know. Learn.

The initial discussion.

Let’s get to know each other. In a non-binding initial discussion lasting two to eight hours. So that you know who you can rely on. So that we learn what we need to know in order to tailor your digital agenda. Because only once we seamlessly integrate our contribution to your digital agenda into your digitization strategy will we both be successful. Last but not least, the initial discussion offers the perfect framework to exchange practical questions about the course of the project.


The maturity check.

Look deeper. Think farther.

The digital maturity check determines where you stand: Are you more a beginner, an explorer, a player, or even a transformer or disruptor? What obstacles do you have to overcome in the course of your company’s transformation? Is your business model possibly facing a change, and what are the processes like in your company? We will analyze all of that for you and present you with the results. Together with clear action and implementation recommendations for your departments and processes.


The beyond consultation.

Your advantage: our process expertise.

Do your business processes fit in the digital world? And what steps must be taken as part of the transformation? Rely on our digital strategy consulting in your search for answers. As our client, you benefit from our years of experience with digitization, especially for document and information intensive business processes, and the realization of complex digital transformation projects.


Know: Where things are going.

The transformation roadmap develops.

When you take a trip, you need a map. If you want to digitize your business processes, you need a plan. That is why we will create a custom roadmap for your digital transformation. It includes projects, milestones, and dependencies between tasks and projects. It creates transparency regarding what has already been done and the route which still needs to be traveled. Because the digitization roadmap is only a document. It alone will not bring about a transformation. Regular reviews are essential to make sure it is being followed and if the implementation is going according to plan.


Walking the road. Together.

Internal communication.

Digital transformation will not succeed without your employees. That is why, as your digital strategy consultant beyond, we will support you in the content design of your internal communications. In the course of events and workshops regarding your digital agenda, we will regularly provide information about the progress of your digital transformation, for example. That creates trust and dispels preconceptions and anxieties about the future.


Arrive. Without standing still.

Continual improvement process.

In a world which is constantly developing, objectives become stages. Transformation is an ongoing task. One objective of our consultation is to get you ready for exactly this challenge beyond the development of your digital agenda and the implementation of your roadmap. So that in the future, you will also be able to discover new goals, define new paths, start new projects, and monitor your progress.


Use digitization as an opportunity!

We are at your side!

We will be happy to introduce you to the experienced transformation experts on the beyond team. Make an appointment for your personal kickoff date and see the experience of the consultants for yourself! Start down the road to your Business 4.0.