IBM Notes email archiving

EASY for IBM Notes relieves the infrastructure

The email archiving program EASY for IBM Notes is the ideal solution for linking IBM Notes to the EASY archive – because it integrates perfectly into existing IBM® Notes®/Domino® environments on both the server and client side. Documents and attachments such as invoices via email are archived and retrieved directly from IBM® Notes®. IBM® Lotus Notes®/Domino® becomes as convenient and secure as a modern document management system.

Advantages of the IBM Notes Archive

Users can assign emails to a process or an activity on a process-related basis. In this way, no important email is lost and can be quickly made available to other people. It is also possible to trigger business processes.

The special feature: EASY for Notes can handle not only emails, but all Notes documents, and relieves the Notes database of data stocks that are not permanently required. This results in considerable savings potential in the storage environment: Emails with attachments sent to several people are stored only once in the archive.

Integrated Notes archiving

Seamless integration into the user’s working environment in IBM Notes. Archiving directly from the email client. Archived documents are even available offline.

Free configuration

Archiving can be configured in many ways and can be carried out according to freely definable criteria, taking into account the specific structures in IBM® Lotus Notes®.

Email archiving rules

A simple formula language allows the user to define his own archiving rules – without external help.

Reduce storage load

Virtually unlimited mailbox and cross-application availability of information from the IBM Domino®/Notes® environment. Databases contain only byte-sized references – this reduces the database size by up to 90%. Improved server performance with lower hardware costs.

Email attachments archived

Duplicate elimination: Even across servers, all attachments are archived only once. Simple release upgrades through the use of IBM® Notes® standards. Maintenance windows are extended, maintenance and administration costs are reduced.


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