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Making Legacy IT future-proof

Create connectors for enterprise IT, databases, cloud APIs and even IoT devices and share them through the marketplace.

To deliver tailor-made digital experiences, companies require adaptive integration that allows them to access data where it is most readily available and do so with as little effort as possible. With ApiOmat’s module market, developers can quickly create connectors to enterprise IT, databases, Cloud APIs and even IoT devices and share them via the ApiOmat Marketplace.

Create API Mashups

Orchestrate data and deliver users with the right information from multiple systems. ApiOmat modules give developers the tools to easily create API mashups to ensure digital services expose the right data for a specific use-case.

Data Orchestration

Combine data from multiple modules and only expose the necessary data and attributes to frontend developers. No need to worry about verisioning, as it is made simple with ApiOmat’s built-in versioning tool.

Out-of-the-Box Modules

Use production ready modules to connect enterprise IT solutions like LDAP, SAML, SAP or JDBC, just enter the system credentials. Once done, ApiOmat makes the data accessible to frontend developers via SDKs – no need to even think about an API.


Flexible with services

EASY ApiOmat is a factory for standardized microservices that takes away many of the challenges a service architecture poses. Thanks to the pre-built interfaces, your architecture will be easier to maintain. In case of problems, analyze issues effectively and quickly with logging and error tracing information. A modular platform with perfectly matched services gives you flexibility in orchestration and offers you almost unlimited scalability of the runtime environment.

Reuse via Module Market

Speed up development with standard ApiOmat modules like SAP, OData, and Push Notifications or reuse custom modules. ApiOmat’s module market allows for components to be shared and reused through various projects while enforcing granular access rights.

Use the best Cloud and AI APIs

Cloud and SaaS providers are constantly delivering new features and AI capabilities via APIs. With ApiOmat, applications are not bound to a specific provider, but allow for the use of the best API for a specific use case or even access multiple AI APIs to deliver an even smarter solution.

Maximize ESB, iPaaS & API Gateway Investments

Every enterprise has one or more integration approaches and are often not complete across the organization. ApiOmat easily integrates with solutions such as MuleSoft, webMethods, Apigee, OData systems and more to allow developers to access data where its most easily accessible.

Multi Experience

Discover useful whitepapers, webinar recordings, guides and checklists on multi-experience.

Customer Stories
  • LBBW‘s new customer portal offers a future-looking and smooth userexperience. According to Thomas Löffler, IT manager for LBBW‘s Commercialplatform, LBBW is extremely satisfied with the current statusof the project and the collaboration with EASY.

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  • Accessing healthcare should be easy and on-demand and for those insured with the Linde Corporation’s Health Insurance, it is. BKK Linde built their newest digital service at startup speed while ensuring the project, and all future projects, will fulfill EU data privacy standards as well as special German insurance-data privacy regulations.

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