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The new simplicity: digitizing procurement processes – use the advantages of electronic procurement

Rely on digital clarity in the procurement process. As a result, you will avoid intransparency, inconsistency, and media disruptions. Only with the digital networking of corporate units that operate separately in the procurement process will you achieve the best performances in the procurement of goods and services: Rely on EASY Procurement – and clarity and efficiency are ensured.

A brief introduction to the digital procurement process

From the purchase requisition to approval to order – from delivery and delivery note to invoice receipt, to payment and on to vendor management. Traditionally, the work steps in the procurement process are handled in different organizational units – sometimes even in several locations and also often still paper-based. But why do things the hard way, when it can also be easy? Rely on the advantages of digital procurement in the procurement process and gain the maximum in transparency and efficiency. And also reduce things like maverick buying to a minimum. The EASY Procurement system supports you in all subprocesses of the digital procurement process – because, lined up like beads on a string, there is no risk of information loss between the different departments and subprocesses. But see for yourself how you can achieve advantages in the procurement process with the solutions from EASY for electronic procurement.

Purchasing management

In the digital procurement process, everything begins with the management of the purchase. This process step includes the purchase requisition, the administration and automated acquisition of quotes and finally ordering. Learn more about these subprocesses in EASY Procurement.

Goods receipt – from the delivery note to the incoming invoice

The goods receipt process is another important step towards more transparency in the digital procurement process. The EASY solution makes full use of the advantages of the digital procurement process here. In short, we are talking about comparing order and goods received and eventually the invoice receipt and even payment.

Electronic contract management

Electronic contract management supports the goals of the successful, digital procurement process. These range from the observation of guidelines to the recognition of discrepancies in the digital procurement process.


With the EASY solution, you can create and manage purchase requisitions in next to no time. Gain your independence from location and device with the EASY solution for procurement management. No matter if it’s on the desktop or laptop, in any location – you can also write purchase requisitions on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) via a web client – even if you happen to be traveling. Users also have access to the status of their purchase requisitions at any time. The requisition reaches the responsible position via an electronic approval workflow. Approved purchase requisitions simplify the later invoice validation process significantly. This is where the first step toward transparency begins with the digital procurement process.


A “requisition” should also be followed by an offer from the vendor. What was traditionally still done by hand is now handled for you by the EASY solution. As a result, you save time and gain efficiency – that is how procurement advantages work. Based on a “requisition”, a request for a bid can be made to different potential vendors. If desired, our system automatically creates requests like this – they can also be emails – based on the data from a requisition process and corresponding document templates/text modules. The requests and the resulting answers enter the requisition process collected together, thus simplifying the documentation and the decision making.


If an order is triggered based on a purchase requisition, this generally takes place via an ERP or merchandise management. You can also control this process automatically with our system or by mouse-click. We collect all documents and processing steps transparently in a clearly arranged requisition and purchase file throughout the entire process. That way, all of the documents and process information (what was ordered, approved, commented and when by whom, etc.) which were collected during this process are available in a central location in the further course of the process, for example for invoice validation or enquiries/complaints.

For SAP systems
For Microsoft Dynamics Nav & other ERP systems

Recording delivery notes

Documents requiring retention accrue during the goods receipt. Usually these are delivery notes, information on lots, shipping and customs documents, etc. Here, too, our Capture solution, which specializes in the processing of delivery notes/proof of delivery, can significantly simplify the manual entry of posting data. Furthermore, the automatic workflow informs both the orderer and the purchaser immediately after the goods receipt is recorded.

Recording of incoming invoices

Invoices are usually received in paper form or as a PDF attachment to email – at the moment, still rarely in digitized form in the EDI or ZUGFeRD format or as an XRechnung. Our Capture solution records these invoices and extracts the data which are important for the procurement process. If the preceding steps are already digitally reproduced, the verification process can be greatly shortened. If the requisition was approved, the delivery in the goods receipt agrees with the order – and the invoice is correct, no actual approval is really needed. Moreover, we also support commercial validation – for example, in accordance with §14 UStG – here, significantly simplifying the work for Financial Accounting. A clear advantage of electronic procurement.

For Microsoft Dynamics Nav & other ERP systems

Contract management

Contract management is a complex task in which a variety of company departments – such as Legal, Purchasing, Executive Management, or Controlling – are involved. The processing and storage of individual contracts frequently takes place exclusively in the departments responsible for the contract. Core information such as the contractual object, duration, and costs, are therefore not always reliably available to everyone responsible. Connections between contracts are not recognized or only in a limited way. The individual departments often act based on differing levels of knowledge. Conflicts and problems are inevitable. EASY Contract brings order and security to the contract management process and can securely reproduce complex contract approval workflows with version and template management. Deadlines, cancelations, and extensions are automatically monitored. Location-independent, but embedded in the purchasing process, the EASY procurement software supports every step from recording to creation and deadline monitoring up to revision-proof archiving.

For Microsoft Dynamics Nav & other ERP systems

The 6 advantages of the electronic procurement process

Significantly lower process costs

In the digital procurement process, everything runs automatically and electronically. No one has to grapple with paper records anymore or even hunt for them – that ranges from the purchase requisition to its approval to the order itself. Everything is always immediately accessible by the departments involved. Also gone is the time spent in vendor communication. No more back and forth by email, fax, or telephone; no more rummaging for the right offer. Finally, time for sensible, constructive tasks.

Better manage spending behavior

Use the advantages of the digital procurement process: cost savings and efficiency gains are waiting for you. Strengthen your purchasing through bundling of different needs and clarity about all ongoing and planned vendor relations.

A strong plus to transparency

From the purchase requisition to the order, from goods receipt and delivery note to invoice – all the data arising from the different process steps are stored and documented digitally. And are available to the participating departments across all locations. That produces cross-location transparency.

Integration of ERP/Fibu systems

The EASY solution for the digital procurement process integrates seamlessly into established ERP systems. Our procurement system supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other ERP systems. For SAP users, our various EASY offer perfectly tuned solutions for your SAP systems.

Digital invoice receipt

What would a procurement process be without digital invoice receipt? EASY Invoice handles the electronic invoice receipt. No matter if the invoices arrive on paper, as PDFs in email, or in standardized form such as ZUGFeRD or XRechnung. The high recognition and validation quality provides security. Lean back and let our invoice solution work.

More efficient cooperation

Just imagine: Every department participating in the procurement process – whether under one roof or in a variety of locations – is digitally connected to the others through the electronic procurement process. Every authorized employee sees what was ordered, delivered, and paid. Of course, this information can also be accessed mobile via smartphone/tablet. With the history in view, the future can be better planned. Controlling will be happy, too.

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