The Navision Interface
Easy for Dynamics Nav

Seamlessly integrated – certified by Microsoft

Add central functions for document management and revision-proof storage to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution with EASY for Dynamics NAV. Capture incoming and outgoing data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV simply via drag-and-drop – for every modeled business process and almost every data type, from scanned documents and records to email and on to other digital information media. With our Navision interface, that happens right in the ERP client on the relevant objects for the operational processes, such as creditors, receivables, items, facilities, orders and projects. In addition, all incoming and outgoing NAV records which are required to be retained in order to obey legal regulations are archived revision-proof.

Certificate of the Navision interface
The Navision interface EASY for Dynamics NAV has been certified by Microsoft since 2017.

Highlights of the Navision interface

  • DMS meets ERP
    This is how our Navsion interface enhances the ERP system with important functions and conjures up a Navision DMS or financial accounting Navision from it.
  • Maximum Integration
    With one of the highest levels of integration available on the market: Our EASY for Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 BC DMS solution supports all versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV from 2013 to 2018. In version 10.0.3, compatibility with Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-premises) has been achieved.
  • Ready for the future: Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now known as Dynamics 365 Business Central, and is available both on-premises and in the cloud. Our DMS solution follows the technology and wording from Microsoft: EASY for Dynamics 365 Business Central completes your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application from version 15 as both an on-premises solution and in the cloud. > EASY for Dynamics 365 BC
  • Almost no need for training
    Thanks to the high degree of integration, employees require little training for the Microsoft Navision interface. That results in high acceptance by the end users.
  • No additional archive client necessary
    Employees continue to use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP client. The Navision interface is seamlessly integrated into the ERP client
  • Searches without NAV client are also possible
    In this case, the NAV license costs do not apply, of course.
  • Expertise:
    EASY SOFTWARE and partners have a broad practical knowledge from a large number of projects for the integration of the Navision interface.
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Natively integrated into Navision in every aspect: the EASY Factbox for all views

Native integration into the ERP client through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface

360 degree view: all processes at a glance

Of course, the EASY for Dyn NAV Factbox also integrates seamlessly into the Dynamics NAV client. For example, the list view: This way, it is possible to see archived documents in all list displays (processes, creditors, receivables, items, posted records, etc.) – without opening the individual process. That is how our Navision interface works: without a break in the user experience, easy to use, practical and well integrated.


Losing track is a thing of the past – thanks to the Factbox

Accounts receivable card shows the display of the Factbox using the example of a creditor card. With our Navision interface, the same is possible for all other cards in NAV. That way, you always have quick access to what you need, depending on processor and authorizations. Switching between programs is a thing of the past. Thanks to the ideal integration of the Factbox in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP client.


Everything at a glance with the Factbox in the Navision client
Macht flüssiges Arbeiten ohne Applikationswechse möglich - unsere Navision-Schnittstelle

Archive search – directly in the Factbox in your Navision client

Searching in the archive can also be done natively in the ERP client with EASY for Dynamics NAV – a highly praised feature of our Navision interface. Here a possible search result in the archive via a process with the respective archived documents.


EASY for Dynamics NAV in use - Customer references

DK Recycling und Roheisen

“With EASY for Dynamics NAV, the EASY Archive could be directly linked to our Dynamics NAV. As a result, we are able to display the associated archive documents directly from all NAV processes and archive new documents very simply by drag & drop via the EASY Dropzone.

Marc Hüfing, Head of Information Technology, DK Recycling und Roheisen.


“Thanks to the integration of the interface in our Dynamics NAV, we see the individual archived documents for all processes, receivables, creditors and so on without having to switch the client. We can now see at a glance which offers, delivery notes and invoices have already been created within an order.”

Michael Gugler, Leitung ECM-Services, GEMDAT OÖ.

Native integration thanks to the EASY for Dynamics 365 BC interface

EASY for Dynamics 365 BC upgrades the standard Business Central ERP with DMS and archive functions, and therefore achieves business-wide transparency and seamless digital processes. As regards the deployment models, we follow Microsoft: that includes cloud and on-premises, as well as the option for a private cloud via the Business Central interface.

Very best user experience with EASY for Dynamics 365 Business Central

The very best user experience

Just like its Navision predecessor, the Dynamics 365 BC interface is based on a full and seamless integration in the Business Central Client. As before, the Dynamics 365 BC interface always provides a full view of all the transactions, customers and vendors, documents and items in posting. Documents can be archived, printed or dispatched just as quickly. A good user experience comes from a good user interface design – and that is achieved by the Dynamics 365 Business Central interface.


Factbox for overview

It’s a matter of fact: the EASY Factbox in the Dynamics interface keeps you up to date at all times, as shown here with the presentation of the Factbox in the debtor card. Our Dynamics interface enables this for all the other cards in Dynamics 365 Business Central. You have a consistent overview of everything – and depending on the authorization of the editors, that also includes access. Time-consuming switching between different application windows is therefore omitted. That is how predictive interface design works through the Dynamics interface Factbox.


EASY Factbox in the Dynamics interface for 365 BC
Dynamics 365 BC interface

Easier work with the archive

The seamless integration of the Factbox into the Business Central Client also stands out during archiving work, when storing items in the archive and during searches – thanks to the Dynamics Business Central interface. With EASY for Dynamics 365 BC, you maintain an overview – and context-specific operations are available at all times. Rapid archiving, searching, finding – and all as a matter of course in the Business Central Client? With the Factbox and the Dynamics 365 BC interface, it’s no problem.


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Questions & Answers about EASY for Dynamics NAV Interface

The interface process requires a document item to be created at the end of archiving, along the same lines as the accounting processes in NAV. These document items can be browsed according to all of the metadata that has been forwarded to the items.

For the “simple” archive connection, you require the EASY for Dynamics NAV interface and an EASY archive. This includes all of the DMS functions with the exception of invoice functionalities, for instance. An extra connector is required for this.

In other words, I want to use the Adaptive Schema between D5 and EE.x and “only” communicate from NAV with Documents 5. EASY for Dynamics NAV communicates with the archive server at regular intervals. A direct connection with Documents has been tested as a project solution.

We currently support Business Central versions 13 and 14 OnPrem. With the release of EASY for Dynamics 365 BC APP, we are attempting to achieve cloud compatibility starting from version 14. A compatibility to version 15, which will be released on 1.10.2019, will follow in the course of October.

Posted receipts can be resent by e-mail at any time. Currently there is no module and no extension for specialist invoicing solutions. This needs to be specified separately.

Currently this is not possible. However, we are working with our development team to implement this requirement.

There is no interface to Jira in the standard system.

If the tickets are stored in the archive from Jira, they can be imported and linked to NAV using the import function. However, this would have to be clarified in detail with a project consultant.

Integration into Documents exists in the form of the EASY Invoice solution. The EEX archive supports the interface.

Customer success stories

DK Recycling

EASY Invoice and EASY for Dynamics NAV provide greater transparency in the digitalization of the incoming invoice processes at DK.


Successively, Gemdat began to integrate EASY intoall its key workflows. “The results are plain to see. Even the most critical voices are now convinced ofthe benefits of this software,” explains Michael Gugler, Project Manager for EASY at Gemdat.

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