• E-invoicing lets you relax when it comes to receiving invoices, thinks the man pictured in the armchair.

    A brief introduction to electronic invoices: What you need to know today 

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  • Document Archiving: An Essential Building Block for Digitalizing Business Processes

    It takes an archive to form the foundation for digitized, document-intensive business processes. Once established, the archive turns into a company-wide knowledge hub and simplifies location-independent collaboration, making it more flexible and easier to manage.

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  • Retention periods for electronic invoices – how long to archive? 

    If you rely on digital business processes, archiving electronic invoices may be more than just a good idea: it’s often required by law.

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  • Audit-proof archiving in a cloud archive

    Are you looking to quickly introduce a solution for electronic archiving of all types of documents at your company? No problem! With an audit-proof cloud archive, you can achieve an archive solution that meets your requirements and leaves you feeling secure in next to no time. And it will all be legally compliant, conform to GDPR requirements. Plus, your employees will find it easy to use.

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  • 7 invoice processing functions that everyone needs in 2023

    Digital invoicing processes have rapidly gained acceptance within the last three years, Bitkom recently found out. The vision of the paperless office has become a bit of a reality. Only 24 hours separate you from digital invoice processing today.

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  • A Better Overview of the DMS Market: How to Find the Right Software for Your Business

    Do you want to digitalize your document management or update it with a modern solution? This isn’t a simple task, as the range of possible solutions is incredibly large and often not very transparent at first glance. In this blog post, you’ll learn how the current market is shaping up in a brief and clear manner.

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  • The Digitization of Invoice Processing: 11 Reasons Why You Should Use an Invoice Cloud

    In this blog post, you’ll learn about the specific benefits of a cloud-based invoice solution – we call it the Invoice Cloud – for processing incoming invoices and how companies can benefit from the cloud overall.

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