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Never before has it been so easy to develop your own potential! The easy Academy provides you with the know-how you need for your personal and professional success. Our experienced certified trainers develop specialists and managers in many areas. Discover our blended learning concept with classroom and virtual classroom trainings as well as online webcasts. The online webcasts are designed for users, administrators and for implementation.

Employee training from the expert

In its current training offering, the easy Academy provides, among other things, two interesting flat rate packages to meet the increasing demand for training and the associated expenses and to train your employees comprehensively and flexibly. And that at any time and any place!

easy academy flat rates include double advantages

Expert knowledge of your deployed EASY solutions

No matter which of easy’s products you use, easy Academy flat rates include the right training content for every solution and every level of knowledge. Whether basic or more in-depth knowledge is required and whether your employees have a more technical or commercial background, there is a suitable course for everyone in our range.

Further training offer for employee development

Through our collaboration with the e-learning platform Lecturio, we are expanding our range of pure easy training content to include many other exciting topics for professional development and personal development, e.g. on project management, soft skills or employee leadership. 270 Lecturio video trainings in German and English are available anytime and anywhere.

Academy flatrate offer

For Partners

Flatrate All

Includes all classroom training offered, all virtual classrooms, and on-demand access to webcasts (easy and Lecturio courses)

  • Exclusively for certified partners of easy.
  • This flat rate is aimed at administrators, key users and all users who require more technical information.
  • This option includes all classroom training courses offered, all virtual classrooms offered, and onDemand access (EASY courses and Lecturio courses).
  • The price per user/year is:

€ 1,800

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For Customers

Flatrate onDemand

Access to our e-learning platform with on-demand training (easy and Lecturio courses)

  • Basic knowledge for all users.
  • Get access to our e-learning platform with our onDemand trainings.
  • All of these trainings are available to your employees at any time including quick reference guides, tips & tricks, and best practice articles.
  • The price per user/year is:

€ 499

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Advantages at a glance

Up to date and comprehensive

With our training package, you ensure that your users are provided with all relevant information in full and up to date.

The right thing for everyone

Content can be selected to suit the needs of each employee, whether the individual’s background is more technical or commercial. This keeps the learning curve steep.

The plus for further development

In addition, employees can be trained in numerous other topics such as project management, leadership or soft skills. 270 multilingual training contents are available via our partner Lecturio – for even better trained professionals and strong employee retention.

No matter when and where

Web-based content makes them available to employees regardless of time and location. This creates flexibility and saves travel costs.


In the individual training, the specific processes, challenges and applications of your company are addressed, reflected and explained.

Selective knowledge transfer

If training is only required occasionally, all contents can also be booked individually.

You do not want a flat rate but a single training?

Here you can book individual training courses, which are offered as on-demand webcasts or virtual classrooms. Choose from the following topics.

Document Management

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EASY for SAP Solutions

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HR Processes

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Procurement Processes

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Course Information of the easy Academy

The easy Academy offers seminars as “Virtual Classroom Trainings”. Synchronous teaching, also called live e-learning, means that all course participants learn together online at the same time. The basis is a virtual room in which all participants hear, see and experience the same things at the same time, just like in a real room. In other words, they are in the same (virtual) place. However, the focus is not on physical presence, but on virtual presence. The learners can communicate directly with each other and also exchange files.

Our recommendation for the online webcasts: The user (end-user) trainings are excellently suited for demonstrating the general operation to the user. For the administrator, they can be a helpful support during the introduction of a new solution or during the training of new employees.

The webcasts for administrators and software specialists (implementation) are designed to impart basic knowledge. If further information is required, these online trainings provide an excellent basis for the corresponding virtual classroom trainings as well as a “refresh”.

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