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Rock Solid since 1990 & Adaptable for the Business of Tomorrow.

Keeping customers secure, compliant and a step ahead of regulations for over 30 years

Connect and extend capabilities as your business grows

Ensure everyone can access vital data and files to accelerate business

Certified Cloud Solution

archiving ready for takeoff

easy archive is the leading archiving software from small and mid-size companies to leading enterprises. Digital archiving of documents and data sets not only keeps you compliant, but enables digital business processes and self-service.

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one archive, any use-case

Whether you’re archiving documents from easy products or data sets from other systems, easy archive gives you not only the ability to archive data compliantly, but also the capabilities to extract more value from your files and data.

  • Revision-proof archiving
  • Transparency through versioning
  • Rights & roles for fine granular access
  • Data protection tools and GDPR compliant
  • Adaptive schema supports every use-case
  • Flexible in operation – cloud, hybrid or on-premises
  • Easy to integrate with standard connectors and APIs (REST, OData, CMIS)
  • Include external users

Privacy and security by Design

Data Privacy

Built to surpass the strictest data privacy laws, easy archive provides the tools for fullfilling GDPR requirements.


Files and data can be saved as revision proof out of the box and document and data version are supported with a flick of a switch.

Archive any data formate with ease, worry-free

On-Premises, Hybrid, Cloud

Regardless of your IT infrastructure strategy, easy archive supports on-premises installations, hybrid scenarioswith our hybrid connector as well as private and public cloud scenarios.

adaptive Schemes

Define data as your business demands. With easy archive’s adaptive schemes, you have the flexibility to determine how your data is archived without worry.

Any Data Format

Regardless of the data format, easy archive supports anything from CAD Files to Word Documents, and yes, even your favorite GIFs.

connect any system and grant access securely and reliably

User Identity Management

For convenient single sign-on, simply connect OpenID Connect to easy archive. Use Microsoft Active Directory or Oracle Identity Management. Combined with easy archive, you can control user and object authorizations. And it’s really easy.


Connect any system to your easy archive via our APIs. Out of the box easy archive supports REST, OData, CMIS and more.


Provide various archiving solutions to lines of business, partners or even customers with easy archive’s multi-tenancy support.

Integrations / Add-ons

easy to connect

Archive directly from your existing ERP system.

With easy archive, for example, you can archive in SAP in an audit-compliant manner. Audit-compliant archiving in SAP. Store documents easily, quickly and in compliance with the law – directly in your SAP system. Rely on GDPR-compliant archiving with SAP ILM.

Back up your emails regularly and automatically with our Exchange Online Archive.

We looked at several providers and quickly found that easy, with its solutions, was the best fit for our specific requirements.

Anna Regler

International Process Management Sales


Archiving made easy

Store data securely and in compliance with the law – always one step ahead of the applicable regulations. Ready to hand at any time: Access data securely using multi-factor authentication, regardless of location.

secure & compliant

Over 30 years of keeping customers secure, compliant and a step ahead of regulations.

Whether it’s GDPR or ISAE 3000, easy archive ensure that all the data is stored securely and that person data can be archive in a manner in accordance with the strictest regulations.

scalable Connectivity & Extensibility

As business grows, connect and extend your capabilities.

As business grows, so does your archive. With easy archive, our customers have the tools to quickly connect their archives to new systems and extend capabilities. Focus on growing your business, not setting up yet another archive.

The right data in the right hands

easy archive ensures everyone can access vital data and files to accelerate business.

Accelerate business by ensuring that everyone can access the files they need without having to jump through loops. With easy archive, you can easily provide users with access to specific files, types and even entire portals.


the archive of the future: data heart and a treasure trove of data

  • Information management in the digital workspace: where it fails and how it succeeds
  • In the workflow trap: how ineffective processes block companies
  • Process digitization: what document archiving merged with business processes does
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