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How many invoices do you receive per year?

If the invoice is already based on an order that you have in your system, this has a direct impact on your invoice receipt process. Therefore, please specify how many invoices have a reference to an order.

Estimate of time spent per invoice

Please indicate how long the employees need on average to process an invoice. As a point of orientation for you: A university study determined an average value of 26.84 minutes for this.

What is the calculated hourly rate?

Which imputed hourly rate do you calculate for the employees in invoice processing? Experience has shown that the imputed hourly rate depends very much on the size of the company, the industry and the region. As an averaged guideline, we recommend calculating with 30 USD, if you do not have the value at hand.

Which functions should be included in the calculation?

Would you like discounts considered in this calculation? We assume that the use of a Procurement-to-Pay solution can increase the proportion of cash discount realized to at least 90%.
Would you like search times considered in this calculation? With a digital solution you can reduce search times to less than 2 seconds on average. This can generate considerable further savings potential.
Please enter the number of all your employees and all your searches. Example: If 3 employees search for invoices on average 4 times per week, please enter 12 here.


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