Employee and Manager Self-services for SAP® (ESS and MSS)

For relaxed HR specialists

Today, managers and employees expect a modern human resources department to provide self-service applications which they can use to access their data and independently and easily initiate their own personnel processes. The applications are intuitively designed, can be accessed from mobile devices, and thus reduce the amount of work, which in turn leads to improved quality of the employee data. At the same time, you efficiently restructure the work in the HR department toward shared service scenarios with self-services. The total workload is distributed across many shoulders, and the tasks are accomplished in a shorter time overall. Thus, relaxed employees who can initiate processes themselves without difficulty, and relieved HR officers who outsource the many mandatory processes.

EASY SOFTWARE develops a variety of add-ons to enhance your ESS/MSS scenarios. They offer an effective process improvement and acceleration. The best part is that we can customize them according to your requirements, so that you get the maximum out of ESS/MSS for your company.

Your benefits

  • Expansion of the standard SAP® self-service scenarios
  • Flexible workflows thanks to mobile access from all devices
  • Close the digital gaps in your SAP® HCM system
  • Processes that are individually adjustable

Your advantages

  • Simplified processes enable a concrete monetary benefit: the ROI is more quickly ensured
  • Productivity increase in Human Resources
  • Increased quality of employee data
  • Support for internal service quality

Practical experience: examples of process optimization

Ordering a company car with a few clicks

The process can be very easily started with the self-service for employees. In the SAP® portal, the employee enters which car and accessories they would like to have – in a predetermined cost range – and sends the order. Human Resources receives a message, can check the company car order, and once it is approved a message is sent to motor pool management via the self-service tool. In the meantime, the employee can see the status of the process and also receives notification by click when the car is available.

Successful onboarding creates added value

The efficient orientation of a new employee begins with a systematic and professional onboarding. With self-service applications, it is possible, for example, to define when the newcomer should be sent important documents. In addition, EASY offers onboarding apps which employees can load directly onto their smartphone. In this very simple way, you can communicate important information to the new employee. Via ESS tools, employees can also provide feedback and check off tasks, for example, and feel welcome and be integrated quickly.

Practical statements

Whether it’s letters of reference, medical certificates, or earnings statements for calculating maternity benefits – these and other processes easily succeed thanks to self-service scenarios. Employees initiate the creation of statements via self-service tools in SAP® HCM®. A task is then sent to the human resources officer, who can simply confirm the statement or add more information via input fields. Data taken from the back end system (SAP® HCM®) are automatically integrated into the respective text modules. Employees can monitor the process at any time and receive their requested statement quickly and without complications.

Mobile and flexible

The EASY add-ons for SAP® HCM support flexible and mobile work. Managers and employees can initiate, revise, view, or approve processes any time and regardless of location – from their smartphone or tablet.

Integration in SAP® HCM

You can very easily expand and develop the ESS and MSS processes yourself any time. We will show you how it’s done. Alternatively, you can, of course, commission EASY SOFTWARE to create additional processes according to your request. For a more detailed look at the technical aspects of process creation, click here:

Creation of processes, forms, documents

Individually tailored to you

The digital mapping of additional processes in ESS/MSS scenarios is possible at any time. We will develop the following entirely according to your requirements:


  • Organization table change
  • Work schedule change
  • Shift plan change
  • Request for parental leave
  • Request for overtime, extra work
  • Request for secondary employment
  • Request for leave of absence
  • Request for letter of reference
  • Loan agreement
Customer success stories

Österreichische Bundesforste

In sales transactions or in the case of legal matters, it is an immense advantage if the papers are not distributed nationwide in the forestry operations, but are available centrally.


Amey first implemented SAP as its finance and resource management system, it invested in EASY Software’s SAP Packaged Services to capture and manage incoming Accounts Payable documents electronically.


EASY SOFTWARE installed solutions for the HR division at ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG: the digital personnel file & a solution for digital certificates.


At ÖBB, EASY SOFTWARE implemented a digital HR solution. The goal: Complete digitization of core processes in the HR division.

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