Smart services for your SAP® Human Resources department

Plan ahead with an efficient HR organization

Whether it’s work and termination contracts, mass mails to the employees, or the creation of letters of reference, these are the HR processes which cost a lot of time and cause a lot of errors when created manually – time that is lacking at other positions in the SAP HR department. With expansions for SAP® HCM®, EASY automates this sort of standard task, allowing you to focus on the really important jobs. Develop your SAP® HR department with the add-ons from the EASY SOFTWARE product family.

Benefits and advantages of Smart Services for SAP

  • Employee data are used automatically
  • Signatures are digitally controlled
  • Standardized layouts with appropriate footers for different companies
  • Predefined and legally reviewed text modules
  • Reminder function for appointments and deadlines
  • Guaranteed legal security in formulations
  • Maximum transparency in the process sequence
  • Significantly higher data quality
  • Optimization of the cooperation between HR department, employees, and managers
  • Significant acceleration of the process runtimes

Put an end to time-consuming processes in the HR department

Does this sound familiar? The manual creation of work contracts hides numerous sources of errors when HR officers rely on a variety of sources, some of which may be obsolete. Transcription errors can also occur when personal data or paragraphs are individually removed or added.

Mass mails and form letters

For mass mails and form letters, HR officers first manually create a list with the names and addresses of the applicable employees. The letter is then usually created by hand in Word Serial Letter, signed, and sent postally to the employees.

Termination contracts

In order to create termination contracts, several rounds of coordination between HR departments, managers, and employees are often necessary. It is a time-consuming process until contracts are finally signed, for both managers and HR officers.

Creation of letters of reference

The creation of letters of reference also occasionally takes a long time when texts always have to be recreated. In addition, references hide risks if the formulations are not legally compliant and up-to-date.

Standardize HR processes

Allow your employees in the SAP® HR department to standardize and digitize these and other recurring processes. That way, you bundle resources for strategic personnel planning and development. That advances your company.

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Expansions from EASY for an efficient SAP® HR department

Document creation with a few clicks

With the solution from EASY, HR officers can create all documents with just a few clicks. To do that, standardized templates are filled out with all relevant text blocks and the necessary data from SAP® HCM® and can be manually supplemented.

Letters of reference by grading system

An intelligent rule set inserts the corresponding text modules for a letter of reference according to a grade system. That saves managers the time needed to find the right, and above all legally compliant words. EASY provides around 400 text modules – which are regularly examined by a lawyer specializing in employment law for current legal – practice and makes them available to our customers with regular updates.

Automatic notifications

The people involved, such as managers and employees, are notified via SAP® workflows and emails and can check and edit documents. That way, the cooperation between HR, managers, and employees runs ideally and quickly and satisfies everyone.

Onetime adjustment

When there are legal or in-house changes, a variety of Word templates no longer have to be revised, rather the passage only needs to be adjusted once and integrated into all affected templates.

Transparent and mobile

Authorized HR employees can view the process status mobile any time via the Launchpad – for maximum transparency and processes that just work.

SAP-integrated and intuitive

The solutions in the EASY product family for SAP® HCM® are 100% integrated into SAP®. Therefore, additional hardware, interfaces, or training are not necessary.

Easy configuration of other processes

The easy configuration of document templates based on Microsoft Word and the text modules and rules in SAP® allow the department to continue developing the processes independently. Our customers are gradually implementing more and more document creation processes independently, thus increasing the document compliance in human resources.

HR Processes

Discover useful whitepapers, webinar recordings, guides and checklists on HR processes.

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