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Processes thousands of invoices a day.
12 Times Faster, Better, Smarter

Save Time, Money and eliminate trivial tasks

Extract, process, approve and archive invoices from anywhere, anytime

Accelerate Processing, Reduce Errors

Transparency for Accounting, Employees & Suppliers

invoices made super easy

Eliminate time-consuming routines and processes that tie up your company’s resources. Learn how to process invoices faster, better and smarter with easy invoice

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Let’s talk about how easy invoice will save you time, money and unleash accounting


Capture, Extract, Approve. Easy as that.

Increase throughput and efficiency in your accounts payable department: easy invoice shortens your entire invoice review process from capture to approval.

Flexible Input – Capture

Scan & mobile

Still getting paper invoices? No problems. Whether you prefer scanning or using a phone, capturing the invoice and kicking off the process is easy.


Whether it’s a dedicated inbox or an employee’s inbox, automatically get emails and their attachments into the queue, or manually add them via Outlook.

Digital formats

ZUGFeRD, EN 16931, UBL, EDIFACT etc. easy invoice can easily process Invoices from any of your suppliers who are already using digital formats without leaving other suppliers behind.

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extract, match and move onto approval

Use the best of OCR & AI

Regardless of how the invoices come in, use the best set of tools to ensure that the data extracted is correct and that the software learns to adapt.

Recognise Suppliers Instantly

Match Invoices to suppliers and orders from your ERP system to ensure the invoice is correct. This saves time and makes sure your data is up-to-date.

Get invoices to the right approvers

Approvals are one thing, but ensuring the invoice gets into the right hands is another. With rules sets ensure each invoice gets into the right hands – which means faster approvals that are automatically booked in your ERP.

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get approvals faster with standard automation

Dual Control

Ensure two sets of eyes check over specific invoices and get those approvals done faster by ensuring the right information is presented.

Inbox & Notifications

Ensure every approver is up-to-date with the latest approvals via notifications, reminders and an easy-to-navigate task list.

Standard Process out-of-the box

easy invoice has processes millions of invoices – learn from our best-practices and use a standard process.

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get suppliers Involved

Supplier Self-Services

Provide a supplier portal to get your Suppliers involved, get information faster and keep suppliers up-to-date.


Every Invoice Archived by default

SOX and GoBD compliant archiving done easy. Every email, Attachment and invoice is automatically stored in
easy archive to ensure you stay compliant and can find everything on demand.

Thanks to EASY, every billing process at Babymarkt only takes half as long on average now. What’s more, digital automation is less susceptible to errors than manual processes are.

Nicolas Kadner,
pinkorblue (babymarkt)

Head of Payment & Compliance


easy to connect

Digital invoice processing in SAP. Paper invoices or invoices received electronically are processed in a uniform, transparent process.

Expand your Microsoft Dynamics with document management and audit-proof storage. Drag and drop to capture incoming and outgoing documents, receipts or e-mails.


Invoice processing – easy as pie

Automated invoice processing with easy invoice: speed, efficiency and security with a single tool to optimise your business for the future.

Save Time, Money and eliminate trivial tasks

Invoice processing with easy means more time and money for what makes your business successful.

Processing an invoice manually can take up to 12 times longer than with easy invoice, free your business from tasks that can be automated. With OCR, AI and the right integrations, easy invoice enables your business to move faster and more efficiently. Want Proof? Look at our customer success stories.

digital, compliant & Transaction-Secure

Extract, process, approve and archive invoices from anywhere, anytime.

Regardless of the invoice format, ensure invoices are processed in a transaction-secure manner with easy invoice from where-ever employees are working. Automatic booking in your ERP system are supported and all email communication and attachments are archived.

Accelerate Processing, Reduce Errors

Drastically cut down processing time with intelligent recognition, automated processes and better search.

Focus on decisions, not on processing invoices. Process invoices faster by ensuring information is correctly extracted, matched to supplier information and prepared properly so a decision can be made in an instant.

Transparency for Accounting, Employees & Suppliers

Automating Invoices Processing means you can always ensure the data is accessible to those who need it.

Move faster by ensuring everyone has the proper access to invoices, data and tasks at each stage in the process. Improve cooperation between accounting and business units while enabling suppliers to even become involved.

Choose a Digital Incoming Invoice Solution in five steps

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Archive data securely and compliant.

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Create contracts and have them signed.

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