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Digitalise your business processes

Our digital solutions for your business processes make digitalisation fast and easy to experience. Get an overview.

Dokumenten-Management Icon

Document Management Systems

Manage your data and documents with structure

Personalprozesse Icon

HR Processes

Add-ons for SAP or the HR Management System for all ERP systems

SAP Material Management Icon

SAP® Logistics

For smooth processes: Clean material and customer master data

Beschaffungsprozesse Icon

Procurement Processes

More efficiency and transparency in procurement processes

Field Service Icon

Field Service App

Information and data are available digitally in real time

PaaS - Platform as a Service

Multi Experience Plattform

Fast apps for every frontend thanks to low code development

Informationen Lifecycle Management icon

Information Lifecycle Management

GDPR compliant archiving with EASY WebDAV for ILM



Experience the concentrated SAP competence, fully integrated into the SAP system

Integrations for your everyday systems

Why should you work with EASY?

We create intuitive, tailored software products which can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes and automate, mobilise and optimise workflows. Today our products are used in 60 countries around the world and EASY has a presence in 20 locations.

In a highly dynamic and constantly changing world, we enable companies to implement digitalisation quickly and easily. With our digital technologies and platforms, we offer the basis on which companies can continually change, adapt and develop completely individually. That is how we make digitalisation easy and attainable for everyone.


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