Integrated digitisation of business processes

We develop user-oriented software solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing business processes and optimise those processes through automation.

What sets us apart?

As a provider of software products and service solutions, which are as forward-looking as they are successful, we make your business simpler, more efficient, and more transparent.


Our focus has been the digitisation and automation of company processes, since 1990. For this, we develop solutions around Enterprise Content Management, the Cloud, and mobility.


We use that knowledge to help our customers in every industry to make long lasting, well-founded decisions – and all that with a personal service that will impress you.


Accounts payable automation

Learn more about how automated invoice processing works, find out about advantages, legal requirements, future-proof invoice formats and how you can avoid stumbling blocks with digital invoice processing for Accounts Payable.


Realising HR's digital transformation ambitions

Our new whitepaper explains the need for digital HR, the drivers for change and offers an insight into modern HR technology

Contract management

The days of trying to remember Contract deadlines, terminations or extensions are over. EASY Contract ensures end to end, automated, contract lifecycle management.



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What you’ll see:

  • Digital platform for workflow-based processes, SAP Core
  • Multi-experience platform: Fast application for every frontend
  • Ready-to-use add-ons for all business areas

This is what our customers say about us.

The software is very reliable and good value for money. It fits in well with our processes and the seamless integration with SAP is vital.

Dave Bessant, Worcestershire’s financial systems manager

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