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Sign Documents Digitally

The optimal solution to radically simplify signature processes has arrived: easy eSignature allows you to sign electronic documents digitally. Legally compliant – anytime, anywhere. Just as easy and unique as signing by hand.

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easy eSignature is based on the renowned signature solution FP Sign, which is developed and operated exclusively in Germany and is used in regulatory environments. We guarantee the highest security standards and full GDPR compliance for your digital signatures.

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Digital Signatures

easy eSignature for almost any Use Case

Efficient, binding and legally secure: easy eSignature is the convenient cloud solution for digital signatures on documents. This way, you accelerate the respective downstream processes and take another step into the future by digitalising your business areas.

Financial Services

Signatures are a hurdle when it comes to opening accounts or issuing powers of attorney. Often started remotely, easy eSignature is an ideal solution here for simplifying the signature process. Signing documents digitally makes these processes legally compliant while also facilitating customer communication. This saves resources and boosts customer satisfaction.

Tax Consultancy

Tax consulting is increasingly becoming a digital business. Whether it’s annual financial statements, tax returns or granting powers of attorney, signing documents digitally is paramount due to the time savings involved. With easy eSignature, you can digitalise these signature processes even further, making cooperation between you and your clients significantly easier.


Processes such as order processing or invoicing are highly digitalised in logistics. Why don’t you go the same way for the last few steps by getting shipping and delivery documents signed digitally as well? With easy eSignature, everything is simple, convenient and legally compliant – as well as without any media disruptions.

Real estate

Things often get complicated once a lease or brokerage agreement has been signed: documents have to be printed and sent out. easy eSignature makes this process simple: all contractual partners sign the documents via the secure cloud solution in a legally compliant manner using their digital signature.


Rapid Processes, Transparent Signature Workflows

Handwritten signatures are one of the unnecessary stumbling blocks in the digital business world today. They eat up precious time, consume valuable resources and cause additional stress – especially when digital documents have to be printed out for signature. This slows down all processes that both precede and follow them – especially when documents are sent by mail. With easy eSignature, digital signatures become part and parcel of your digital workflows.

how to sign documents digitally with easy eSignature

what digital signatures look like with easy eSignature

A digital signature is just as quick as signing by hand. What’s more, they aren’t error-prone, establish a consistent signature process, and ensure greater transparency for all parties involved. With easy eSignature, you can sign documents digitally while always remaining on the safe side – whether it’s compliance guidelines, lease agreements or any other contractual agreement.

An increasing number of areas of life and business are digital nowadays. For customers and suppliers, handwritten signatures seem like a relic from the olden days. In order to use the intelligent cloud solution easy eSignature, your business partners don’t need to install software, create accounts or set up passwords. Want to sign documents electronically? Yes, that’s what signatures look like today with easy eSignature.

Even with contracts, the old formula “time is money” often applies. With digital signatures, you can conclude any contract immediately, regardless of whether you agreed to it on the phone, in a video chat or by email. This generates greater commitment on both sides and helps you close deals even more successfully.

Whether at the office, working from home or en route to a customer, mobility and flexibility have become indispensable in our business world. And the tools we use shouldn’t hold us back! For example, electronic signatures allow you to sign documents digitally. easy eSignature makes it possible to complete business transactions regardless of time and place.

Many processes entail an extra step when switching from digital workflows to paper format for signatures – this is both time-consuming and causes additional stress. Digital signatures eliminate these media disruptions. So why not sign documents digitally from now on? This way, you’ll have more resources for things that really make you money at the end of the day.

Many companies still believe the myth that manual signatures are more secure. Yet easy eSignature has exactly the same legal validity for almost all types of documents. If a legal dispute does ever arise, digital signatures have the benefit that they can be traced without any doubt whatsoever.

Sustainability is THE big topic when it comes to the future of companies. With digital signatures, you make a tangible contribution to improving your organization’s ecological footprint, as you no longer have to print out paper, purchase envelopes and other similar materials, while also saving on shipping.

easy eSignature

easy eSignature only supports the two highest security standards: advanced electronic signature (AdES) and qualified electronic signature (QES).


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easy eSignature uses advanced electronic signature. The advanced electronic signature (AdES) includes additional requirements to prevent the easy manipulation of a simple electronic signature. FAQ about digital signature.

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The QES is personal and is legally equivalent to a manual signature. You can use the qualified electronic signature to sign a digital rental agreement or a tax return, for example.

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Seamlessly Integrated, GDPR-Compliant and 100% Secure

The best of easy: easy eSignature used in combination with other easy Solutions

easy eSignature can be used seamlessly with other easy solutions, enabling you to digitalise your company’s most important business processes with a holistic solution from a single source – and you can now add digital signatures to the list!


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answers about digital signature

What is a simple electronic signature?

Put simply, a simple electronic signature is an image file that you insert into or link to a document. It only serves the function of a pictorial signature and is inserted into a digital document – which means it is not tamper-proof.

What is an advanced electronic signature?

An advanced electronic signature (AdES) assures both senders and recipients of two goals. First, that the document has not been subsequently altered (integrity); and second, verification that those whom the document identifies actually signed the document digitally (authenticity).

A check guarantees that the signature has not been altered, and it shall be deemed invalid if it’s been tampered with.
You can also increase the security of the AdES with an SMS-TAN procedure where you ensure that your document actually reaches the person you want. The AdES is sufficient and legally valid for the majority of signed documents in Germany. Among other things, these include offers and orders, brokerage agreements, delivery bills and insurance contracts.

What is a qualified electronic signature?

The qualified electronic signature (QES) is the highest and most secure form of digital signature in Europe. With the QES, the signatory must uniquely identify themselves. Depending on the provider and country, this can be done via VideoIdent, an on-site Ident or PostIdent procedure, or using an electric ID card (eID).

The QES is person-specific and is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature. For example, you could use the qualified electronic signature to sign a digital rental agreement or a tax return.

Are electronic signatures with EASY eSignature legally watertight?

Yes, electronic signatures with easy eSignature are legally binding pursuant to the eIDAS Regulation.

What is a “workflow” or “signature process” when using the advanced electronic signature (AdES) in EASY eSignature?

A “workflow” or “signature process” stands for a single process that has been initiated in order to obtain one or more signatures. They are independent of the number of documents, the number of signatures and the number of internal or external users involved.

Once a “workflow” or “signature process” on EASY eSignature has been initiated, will there still be a charge if it is canceled?

Yes, there will still be a charge. Canceled workflows on easy eSignature are still billed.

How long are the quotas of “workflows” or “signature processes” valid in EASY eSignature?

All quotas are valid for twelve months each. Unused quotas shall expire after this period.

What happens if the purchased quota for “workflows” or “signature processes” in EASY eSignature is used up before the twelve months have expired?

You can purchase a new quota for easy eSignature at any time.

Which document formats can be signed with EASY eSignature?

You can use easy eSignature to sign PDF files in PDF/A-1b format, as well as in various PDF/A-3 formats. Word or Excel files are first converted to a valid PDF format, and can then also be signed digitally.

How does the signature get into the document?

You simply upload the document and decide in easy eSignature whether you want to sign using an advanced or qualified signature. The desired eSignature – AdES or QES – is then immediately inserted.

Do I have to register as a sender for the signature process?

Yes. To sign and exchange documents digitally, you must be registered as a sender with an FP Sign account. Your account may already be integrated into existing CRM or ERP programs as part of an enterprise solution.

Alternatively, you can register directly via the portal and create your personal account in just a few steps.

Do I have to register as a recipient for the signature process?

For the advanced electronic signature (AdES), you as the recipient don’t necessarily need an account with easy eSignature. However, the sender of a document could specify that the recipient must have an account, in which case you can countersign the documents electronically if you’ve previously created an account.

For the qualified electronic signature (QES), you also need an account with easy eSignature as a recipient and – for the purpose of unique identification – a second account with Bundesdruckerei or Swisscom.

Do I need to install signature software if I’m a recipient?

As a recipient, you don’t need to install any special software to use easy eSignature.

What if a contracting party still has pending requests for amendments to the contract?

If your contractual partner wants to sign a document digitally, they have various options as a recipient via easy eSignature:

  • The recipient can reject the signature of a contact and send a reason for the rejection along with it.
  • The recipient can insert corrections in the document to be signed and upload the new PDF file, sign it and send it back to the sender for countersigning.
  • Alternatively, you can also exchange editable PDF files via easy eSignature, e.g. in the form of a pre-filled questionnaire that you also send to the recipient. The recipient can then edit this questionnaire, sign it, and return it securely to you as the sender via easy eSignature.

How do I ensure that a document is actually signed by the correct recipient?

For the advanced electronic signature (AdES), you have the option to obtain the signature via an SMS-TAN procedure. In some countries, such as Sweden, this security process works using a bank ID.

For the qualified electronic signature (QES), this safeguarding is a mandatory part of the signature process.

Can I use easy eSignature on mobile devices?

Yes, you can use easy eSignature in an internet browser or by using the FP Sign Mobile” app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

How does the electronic signature work? How can I include an electronic signature in a PDF document?

It’s really easy! As the sender, all you have to do is upload the document, digitally sign it with a single click, and send it to the recipient – it’s that simple!

If you as the recipient need to sign a document digitally, you’ll receive a message with a link and will then be automatically guided through the signature process.

How do I register to start using the services of the qualified electronic signature?

You begin the registration via easy eSignature. As a general rule, your identity is established via the Video-Ident procedure using a valid ID card or passport with a registration certificate. With some partners, you can even confirm your identity without Video-Ident using an electronic ID card (eID). This procedure combines your identity with the electronic signature.

Is there a free trial of easy eSignature?

Yes, you can enjoy a free, no-obligation trial of the digital signature solution easy eSignature for 30 days. Your trial will end automatically after this period.

guide – Using Digital Signatures for Contracts

In this guide, we’ll show you how digital signatures meet legal requirements and what the benefits are.

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