Efficient contract management in SAP®

The be all and end all of contract management in purchasing processes

In contract management, small errors can result in big costs. Those who want to act securely here should have a handle on everything. But sometimes that is a difficult undertaking, because most companies manage thousands of active contracts. It is often difficult to maintain perspective – especially when the documents are also found in a variety of locations. Particularly in purchasing processes, the SAP®-integrated contract management (EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions) means: working more efficiently, remaining in compliance, and always getting orders off the ground within the framework of current contracts.

Advantages of contract management in SAP® – with EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions

  • Supports the entire contract lifecycle

    EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions supports and accompanies the entire lifecycle of a contract – from contract initiation and creation to the negotiation of addenda to contract termination and archiving of the concluded contract. Contract management in SAP® – works for you.

  • Always rule-compliant

    Electronic contract management supports the goal of the digitization of business processes. Increasing or maintaining compliance is a very important factor, including risk minimization and transparency about risks. This transparency and control of risks thus also provide for preventing dangers and ensuring productivity and profitability. One of our customers, for example, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG; Berlin transport Services), uses EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions for strategic and legally compliant contract design and the reliable observance of dates and deadlines – with several thousand contracts and agreements, this now succeeds almost effortlessly.

  • Simple, intuitive operation

    The departments benefit especially from the simple and intuitive operation of the contract management, from quick access to all contracts in the company and the reliable observation of the compliance guidelines. Different contract types can be optimally supported thanks to easy adaptability. That is why the integration of EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions in SAP® functions so smoothly, since our contract management software is based 100% on SAP® technology – ideal for the seamless access to master and transaction data from the SAP® system.

  • Transparency

    Regardless of location, contract managers stay on top of contract and cancellation deadlines, upcoming contract extensions, or warranty periods, as well as upcoming monetary obligations from concluded contracts.

  • Mobile work

    Access to EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions takes place across devices via SAP® Fiori®/HTML5 – for fast access via PC or smartphone/tablet. EASY SOFTWARE provides two different solutions for contract management – optimised for on-premises operation in the SAP® environment or as a purely cloud solution. No matter when or where – always up to date with our contract management for SAP®.

  • Everything in one place – the contract file

    A fast, structured, and simple overview of all the data for every contract. Contract management in SAP® bundles all important emails, Office documents, and paper scans structured in the right place in the contract file. No tedious, time-consuming searching necessary.

  • Reports
    Deadlines, volumes, statuses – everything important for every contract can be presented in your own or standardized reports. An indispensable advantage for controlling.

Potentials in the process of contract management in SAP®

Use the opportunities of digital contract management in SAP®. Always have an overview of all existing contracts – every contract is only a mouse-click away, no matter where you are, whether you access by desktop, smartphone or tablet. Maintaining dates and deadlines finally succeeds in next to no time.

Automated workflows

Never miss another event dealing with contracts. EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions automatically reminds you of contracts which can be canceled, fixed-term contracts which are about to expire, facilitates individual follow-ups, and much more. That way, you remain compliant.

Revision-proof archiving right from the beginning

All documents are archived revision-proof in EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions. But above all, the approval path of a contract can be documented revision-proof in SAP®. Unstructured contract documents which accrue in the contract lifecycle are bundled. With that, the early use of a contract management system – even during the negotiation phase – is also positively noticeable.

Savings potentials

According to a study by Price Waterhouse Coopers, up to 2% of all company expenditures can be reduced by the introduction of a contract management system.

Quality increases in contract management

With EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions, the contract management in SAP®, you increase the quality of the entire contractual material: Contract management offers you a view of correct contract contents at any time, monitors the adherence to defined activities, and offers an overview of the contract’s target and actual statuses.

Approval workflows

All approval processes for contract documents can be defined and organized workflows. EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions uses SAP® technology for this. In the creation and setup of workflows, a unique interface is used, which greatly simplifies this. Critical processing actions, such as the deletion or deferral of documents or files, can be firmly coupled to many-eyes workflows.

Document creation

Embark on a truly efficient way to create contracts with EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions. Already formulated text modules for different document and contract types and a provided rule set automate text creation – no matter if the contracts are for rental, lease, service, etc. That saves time and pays off.

Customer success stories

SSI Schäfer Shop

SSI Schäfer Shop GmbH, one of the leading mail order companies for office equipment in Europe, receives 800 invoices per day. The quantity is a challenge from an accounting point of view. Regardless of whether invoices arrive by mail or e-mail, they must be transferred directly to the SAP ERP system.

Karl-Franzens-University Graz

EASY SOFTWARE implemented a contract management solution at Karl Franzens University Graz. The goal: Transparency by standardizing previous solutions.


EASY SOFTWARE implemented a contract management software for more effective use of rent and group contracts at Gewobag (housing association).

BVG Berlin Transport Services

EASY SOFTWARE implemented the contract management solution for more efficient processes at Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (Berlin public transport).

The integrated contract management makes all relevant information clearly available. Nobody has to dig through the depths of the SAP system anymore.

Jacqueline Rada, Staff Division Law and Compliance, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

FAQ on contract management in SAP®

How does EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions differ from the SAP® solution?

With EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions, all contracts in a company can be managed and administered. SAP® does not have its own comparable solution in the standard product for contract management which includes all contracts. SAP® MM only has purchasing relevant contracts, the real estate management (RE-FX) correspondingly only contracts for buildings, rental agreements, etc.

What are the major advantages of EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions?

EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions is easy for users to operate and offers the company an opportunity to manage all contracts centrally. The latter is very important particularly for the executive management.

Can customers continue to use their existing archive?

Yes, all EASY for SAP Solutions products support the SAP® ArchiveLink interface and thus any archive which is already connected to the SAP® system can be used. Recommendation: have a distinct area (content repository) set up for contract management.

Does EASY offer Fiori®/SAP®-UI5 apps for EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions?

Cross-device access via SAP® Fiori®/HTML5 has been provided since Q4, 2017 – also for purely on-premises installations.

Can EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions be operated under SAP® S/4HANA®?

Yes, EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions supports SAP® S/4HANA® and is run capable there.

Is the contract management handled in the SAP® GUI or via a Web interface?

The contract management is operated by all users in Internet Explorer. SAP® WebDynpro is used as the technology here. The interface can be correspondingly simplified for casual users (hiding of information, showing contracts only once they have a certain status, showing only contract-relevant documents, etc.). Cross-device access has been provided via SAP® Fiori®/HTML5 since Q4, 2017

How can the contract management be started?

Users can save the link to the contract management as a favorite. Alternatively, a link can be entered in the SAP menu. When using SAP® Fiori, the integration is supported in the SAP® Launchpad.

Is the SAP® Organization Management supported?

This question is frequently asked in connection with the allocation of contracts to responsible parties and departments. Yes, the SAP® Organization Management is used. However, there is often a BUT here: very rarely is the SAP® Organization Management used by the customers so thoroughly definitive that it can be used for allocation in contract management. Alternatively, a list of all departments can be maintained in the contract management. This can be used as an alternative for the authorization verification.

Is the operation and appearance user-friendly?

The contract management interface and its operation are designed for the easy and fast used by the users. The operation is intuitive and requires only a brief orientation for the users. The user interface was developed in the SAP® WebDynpro technology. As a result, the contract management is operated in Internet Explorer. This represents a significant simplification of operation, particularly for users who otherwise do not work with SAP®. An additional optimization of the user experience is achieved through the provision of HTML5/SAP® Fiori® interfaces. Here, the information is provided specific to the device and appropriate to the role.

What languages are supported?

The product is delivered in German and English. A translation template (interfaces) for French and Dutch is included in the delivery. This can be expanded and adjusted in the project. The interfaces can be translated into additional languages. This is generally done together with the customer.

What is the advantage over a non-SAP® solution?

EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions is fully integrated into SAP®. No interfaces to other systems are needed, and the contract data are not copied to other systems. Users also remain in the familiar SAP® environment, and the integration of SAP® data is easier. The SAP® authorization concept can also be taken over, which eliminates the doubled maintenance of roles and authorizations.

Is the contract management design modular?

Yes, there are basic modules and specialized modules. Only the modules which the customer needs for their project are installed. At the beginning, customers can install only the preconfigured Process2Go. The customer decides which functions they would like to use from this Process2Go. More functions can added at any time. The use of the document converter for creating thumbnails is included in the Process2Go. The customer can also implement the converter at a later time. The same is true for the conversion into the long-term format PDF/A. This may require a license. The product includes programs which will later create thumbnails for already stored documents and/or convert the documents to PDF.


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