The objective: To be completely paper-free

The German subsidiary company of railcar manufacturer Talgo relies on solutions from EASY for the archiving and documentation of documents that are subject to retention requirements as well as for its contract management. When it comes to maintaining and repairing railroad wagons and railcars, the company that has a long tradition is a step ahead of the pack.

This work generates a considerable amount of documentation that requires storage – and the archive holdings are growing all the time. It goes without saying that this is an area in which a conventional paper filing system reaches its limits, especially when it comes to retrievability. With EASY Archive, everything is all set for efficiency: all documents are available at all times, they can be retrieved rapidly, and their status is transparent. The EASY Contract solution has also proved convincing for the invoice workflow – with just a few clicks, clerks can now retrieve the required information at any time.

With EASY, we have a great partner by our side for our projects. The solutions offer exactly what we need. And the cooperation takes place at a human level. We are looking forward to the future projects.

Stephan Korte, Director of Production and Operations, Talgo

Founded in Spain
0 mph
Talgo holds the unofficial world speed record for diesel-powered trainsets

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Thanks to digital archiving, LEMKEN no longer needs to store paper-based files on site. Instead, the files are scanned just once, making them available in the system at any time.

Wilhelm Schröder GmbH

Since the start of 2019, the EASY ARCHIVE has been fully integrated and ready for use. Since then, Schröder has completely omitted its paper filing processes.


EASY SOFTWARE installed the electronic invoice solution EASY Invoice at Loparex. The goal: transparency at all sites and accelerated processing.
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