Accounts Payable Automation

From the document jungle to digital invoice processing

We’ve been hearing about the “paperless office” for a while. With electronic invoice processing from EASY Software, you can count on it being the right solution at the right time. Gains in efficiency and transparency through Accounts Payable Automation are waiting for you with the digital invoice receipt process. Get started now.

Advantages of our Accounts Payable Automation Software

  • Transparency:
    Status of incoming supplier invoices, change steps and employee responsible readily available at all times through Accounts Payable Automation
  • Legally compliant:
    EASY Invoice supports the complete process history management
  • Secure:
    Proxy and substitution rules can be set for absences due to holiday or illness in accounts payable
  • Location independent:
    The mobile invoice approval via smartphone or tablet enables maximum flexibility due to verification processes that are independent of time and location
  • Planning security:
    Effective cash flow planning is provided by the digital incoming invoice processing. The resulting transparency enables your staff in accounts payable to have an up-to-date overview at all times
  • Environmentally friendly:
    Accounts Payable Automation substitutes paper files and folders
  • Cost savings:
    Digital invoice processing means lean processes; always have an eye on deadlines for prospective discounts and possible notice periods.

Accounts Payable automation is no rocket science


This whitepaper presents recommendations for Finance, Accounts Payable and Procure-To-Pay practitioners to move forward, featuring research and insights from The Accounts Payable Association, AIIM and EASY SOFTWARE.

The 5 steps of Accounts Payable Automation

Record incoming invoices:

Record incoming invoices

Regardless of whether the supplier invoice is paper-based or arrives by email as a PDF attachment, EASY Accounts Payable Automation independently checks the conformity of every invoice. All necessary invoice content is determined automatically: invoice header with creditor, total amount, invoice date and all individual invoice line items.


Workflow for verification and approval

The verification and approval of invoices during Accounts Payable Automation can be standardised and yet highly flexible to the requirements of the companies Accounts Payable as well as the ERP/ financial accounting system being used. The software for processing incoming invoices provides a wide range of options and function modules for this purpose. Automatic assignment, efficient verification, and fast approval is the goal. Specific functional roles in the specialist departments with various authorizations are defined in the same way as proxy roles for absence due to holiday or illness.


Workflow for verification and approval
Posting and filing

Posting and filing

The process for posting follows successful verification and approval in digital invoice processing. EASY automatically transmits the necessary data for this to the connected ERP system. Since the process has already positively gone through the defined verification process at this point, the posting and payment of the approved invoice in the ERP/financial accounting system can typically take place without any further user action.


Accounts Payable Automation & Process monitoring

Cross-departmental process monitoring creates transparency for the ongoing processes in the electronic incoming invoice process and helps to spot potential disruptions or delays early. Escalation management ensures that occurring problems are resolved automatically in accordance with defined parameters. The process monitoring of the Accounts Payable Automation supports not only the monitoring of ongoing processes, but also facilitates the retrospective retrieval and analysis of information on the process flow of completed transactions.


Process monitoring
Perfect overview: the dashboard

Perfect overview: the dashboard

EASY Invoice presents the user with the personal, role-dependent dashboard as the entry page. This provides a quick overview of all relevant content. Accounts Payable employees can freely configure the dashboard with a variety of predefined gadgets. This means every user of the invoice processing sees exactly the information which is relevant to them in their daily work. The information includes tasks, deadlines, new or recently used objects, favourites, and information about key figures for the department or the company. All of these key figures can be displayed in graphical analyses.


Discover the potential in Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation)

In Business, compared to traditional paper-based incoming invoices, electronic incoming invoice processing only offers advantages. Let yourself be surprised – once you switch to Accounts Payable Automation, you won’t want to be without it. Let’s get digital.

Clean structure

Digitise incoming invoice process with the following result: During the implementation the process will be cleanly structured. All digital information from the AP Automation can be viewed at any time by authorised people in the specialist departments. You always have an eye on the history and the further pathway of incoming invoices.

Reduce time

Reduction of the processing times for incoming invoices to a minimum thanks to Accounts Payable Automation. Fully automated posting of invoices is possible.

Simple release

EASY AP Automation uses rule sets to establish approval processes for the digitization of invoices. From the “four-eyes principle” for approval processes above a specific amount to automated notifications. As a result, you reduce time-consuming verification and approval processes to the bare minimum with Accounts Payable Automation software.

No duplicates

Avoid the common problem of multiple entry of invoices. The EASY Invoice solution for electronic incoming invoice processing supports you by comparing the invoice’s header data with the data from the connected ERP and account systems.

Accounts Payable Automation – Benefits and much more at a glimpse

Learn more about how automated invoice processing works, find out about advantages, legal requirements, future-proof invoice formats and how you can avoid stumbling blocks with digital invoice processing for Accounts Payable.

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Financial benefits are waiting – check it for yourself


Use our savings calculator for an initial, quick estimate of the financial benefits of our incoming invoice solution. It is worth it!

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Customer success stories

Museum of art history Vienna

The scanning, logging, releasing and archiving of incoming invoices now takes place via EASY Invoice at the museum of art history vienna.

LW Theatres

The EASY solution appealed on a number of levels. As well as integrating effortlessly with LW Theatres’ preferred accounts system, the software would provide easy, at-a-glance visibility of where invoices are at any given time.

Hertha BSC

Being more than 125 years old, Berlin's Football Club isn’t exactly a digital native. To make its accounting even more efficient, the accounts department at Hertha BSC relies on EASY Invoice.


A rapid and complex growth is noticeable in all departments. This is also the case in the finance department.

Frequently Asked Questions about automated invoice processing

You will achieve a significant reduction in costs compared to paper-based invoice processing thanks to a digitised verification and approval process. From the digital workflow, everyone involved immediately sees the status of an invoice, in whose “virtual” hands it currently is and who initiates the next step for approval. Manual searches, sorting & stamping are things of the past.

As is well known, the options for using discounts are date-linked. The digital workflow supports you in meeting the relevant discount periods – automatically and with notifications for the corresponding functional roles. That pays off.

Thanks to the EASY solution for Accounts Payable, you will never miss another reminder period. It automatically notifies the designated specialist what must be paid and when.

Invoices in PDF format which arrive by email through to electronic invoices in standardised formats such as EDI invoices / processing of IDocs

EASY AP Automation has already been successfully integrated in a variety of backend systems in numerous projects. These include the following systems: Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and BC (Business Central), Sage, Diamant, FOSS, Datev, Oracle Financials, Infor, Infor AS, SAP® and many more. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific interface with your system.

The EASY e-invoice system increases transparency immensely – the incoming invoice book shows a summary of all incoming invoices and where in the workflow the invoice is, regardless of the format and the location of the invoice in the company.

Every incoming invoice has a history. This can only be represented on a paper invoice with considerable effort. The EASY system for Accounts Payable Automation, on the other hand, has the option for process history management. This is used to quickly query the status of a received invoice at a given time.

Legal compliance is always a priority for a company. The EASY Invoice solution has the prerequisites to achieve legal compliance.

Employees get sick or take holidays – so the software must be able to manage proxy rules. The EASY Invoice solution achieves this with proxy roles which are defined once; you only have to tell the system which people should take on the proxy function.

Fundamentally, the EASY software for e-invoice processing also masters fine-grained role and rights management – important among other reasons because of data protection and other compliance requirements. Not everyone should be able to see everything and certainly not be able to edit it.

Everything starts with a self-explanatory, intuitive user guidance. This was and is a leading concept in the EASY SOFTWARE design principle. It is clear: If this is not the case and the software first requires an introduction with a steep learning curve, then working with it is not fun.

Yes, the system can also be used on mobile devices. The system also handles mobile invoice approval. This means that you remain location independent and employees can work regardless of location according to their role.

Of course, EASY Invoice supports HTTPS and VPN protocols.

The Easy incoming e-invoice software naturally has a dashboard: the accounting employee always has important key figures available; this makes reporting much easier.

Of course, EASY Invoice also supports contract management, electronic purchase requisition, etc. from the subprocesses of the procurement-to-payment process.

Due to the intuitive usability of the EASY e-invoice software, users generally need around 30 minutes of training time to be able to use the EASY solution. In addition, EASY SOFTWARE offers standard training courses on the subject of EASY AP Automation. In 2 days, the training covers all relevant topics such as installation, administration, workflow, extraction, etc. You can learn more about this at the EASY Academy.


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