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Video Identification

The video identification process is a method for online identification of private persons that is designed to be as simple as possible.

Video identification can be used for:

  • Activating SIM cards or the like
  • Authorization for banking services
  • Identifying yourself to a trust service provider in order to subsequently digitally sign documents such as lease agreements

Just as someone acting in the physical world must provide a valid personal ID to take advantage of certain services, video identification performs the same function – only in the digital world.

What do I need to use the video identification process?

a location-independent online process, you need five things to successfully complete the entire identification process:

  • A stable internet connection
  • A web browser of your choice
  • A laptop/desktop computer or a tablet/smartphone – all devices must have a video camera and microphone
  • Depending on the provider: A device that can receive security codes from the video identification provider (SMS, email, app)
  • A valid identification document (personal ID, passport, etc., which must be valid for another three months, possibly a certificate of registration)

These things are all that is required to use the identification process; in most cases, no additional hardware must be acquired.

How does video identification work?

Video identification is an online process that can be used from any location. For example, you can conveniently use identification process from home or even while on the go. Note: You must have a functioning internet connection throughout the entire process. You also need a device capable of transmitting or streaming videos live to the internet via its integrated camera. Most available devices satisfy these requirements. Also keep your identification document ready to hand; this must be valid for at least another three months. Before using this process, make certain that you have installed all available updates for your operating system and browser.

In most cases, you will be sent a link by email from the service provider with whom you wish to identify yourself. The link will refer to the domain of the identification provider that you will be visiting.

Info: What video identification providers are there?

In general, companies with products/services that require identification have outsourced identification process to one of the following service providers:

Once you have clicked on the link in the email, the video identification application will open in your browser. Make certain that the room is well lit, the camera is correctly positioned and you are clearly visible in the camera image. Now follow the instructions of the customer service representative. At a certain point in the identification session, you will be asked to hold your ID up to the camera. Both the back and front side of the ID will be inspected; the personal data, period of validity, document number, etc. will be checked. If the employee determines that you are actually the person who have claimed to be, the video identification has been successfully completed. Depending on the company, another final step may follow. For example, some video identification providers also send a security code by email or SMS-TAN as a final step. The providers WebID and ID Now call this code the “Ident ID”. Enter this code to finish the entire process. Subsequently you can use the services, whatever these may be in individual cases.

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