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Giving employees more freedom

The self-service software for employees is a perfect addition to your personnel management system. As an HR and employee portal, easy Portal Experience satisfies the demands of both the HR department and employees. For future HR work that facilitates strategic personnel work and allows your employees to deal with personnel matters more conveniently and more quickly.

Employee portal

Significant digitization potential is waiting to be unleashed in employee communication within companies. easy’s HR portal offers you a solution that simplifies and streamlines many HR processes for employees. Because the portal is not restricted to time or location, existing and potential employees will love this HR portal. Your Human Resources employees will also appreciate the extra time that can then be dedicated to strategic personnel work, simply by using the easy HR portal with its range of employee self-services.

What is an employee portal?

An HR portal combines various personnel processes under a single roof in a web application. Key feature: Whether for recruiting, onboarding, or other personnel processes, the focus is on self-service. Employees can use the employee portal to initiate HR processes at any time from any location, view personnel data, and much more. For the HR department itself, the HR self-service portal also simplifies daily work. Improved HR (master) data quality, easier searchability of personnel data and documents, and saved time are the result. An HR portal is a specific type of self-service portal that is tailored to personnel processes.


Employee portals boost employee responsibility

easy Portal Experience gives management and employees personal responsibility and flexibility. With the HR self-service portal, employees can access their own information, edit it, and initiate personnel processes. At the same time, your HR department will always have a comprehensive overview and accelerated access to personnel data. Once you try the HR portal, you will never look back.

  • As software as a service, easy Portal Experience means low, easily calculable costs.
  • The HR portal greatly increases productivity in personnel management.
  • Reducing complexity gives personnel employees more time for core tasks and strategic HR work.
  • The HR portal delivers improved employee data quality.
  • You profit from satisfied employees who can independently and quickly use the HR portal to take care of processes.
  • Mobile access via smartphones and tablets facilitates workflows.
Human Ressources

Win-win with employee self-services

Part of the everyday business of any HR department is to manage and maintain employee-related data and documents. HR managers spend a considerable part of their working time keeping these documents and data up-to-date and responding to inquiries from employees.


Service modules of the employee portal

The easy hr portal provides the following modules that you and your employees can use today to embark on the HR work of tomorrow. Additional adaptations are also possible. Choose precisely the modules that you need in the HR portal.

  • Automatically compare sick notes with attendance lists to reveal and break chains of infection.
  • Vacation requests, sick notes, etc. can be created and sent from anywhere, and still reach their target.
  • Finally paperless—the employee portal enhances the efficiency of your personnel department.
  • Internal company communication at any time from anywhere—keep employees up to date.
  • The automatic synchronization of the HR portal allows data to be immediately available in master systems.
  • Expansions and integration packages can be conveniently ordered
Die Funktionen des Mitarbeiterportals im Überblick.

Vacation requests, etc. can be created and sent from anywhere, and still quickly reach their target. The EASY employee portal makes it easy for your employees to quickly send vacation requests at any time from anywhere. HR employees can also approve of requested vacation just as quickly. Of course, the vacation module in the employee portal compares requested vacation with available and used vacation days while taking into account other parameters such as weekends, holidays, etc. The colleagues from the HR department can always access the current status of vacation requests.

Many personnel departments still lack a common feature that has long been standard for many health insurance companies. For the longest time, employees have had to send certificates of incapacity or sick notes either by mail or deliver them personally, which of course is difficult for employees when they are ill. The EASY HR portal simplifies this task. Once logged on, the employee scans the certificate of incapacity/sick note and, with a single touch, sends it directly to the HR department. The most relevant information is therefore immediately available in the employee portal. This saves time and money and is less stressful for all involved—from HR workers to employees.

Suitable for open-space and new work environments as well as open-plan offices and traditional workspaces: Wherever flexible work times and mobile work are routine, available workspaces can be put to more efficient use—if only this did not take so much manual effort. The HR workspace booking service of the employee portal is much more efficient: Once logged on, the employee see the workspaces that are available over the next few days. The employee can conveniently reserve workspaces for certain days or as an ongoing series. All other employees and the HR department can also see the information shortly after the booking is made in the employee portal.

Companies face a particular challenge: Not just during a pandemic, but also during annual flu season, it is recommendable to quickly identify chains of infection in the company’s workforce and depict them in a comprehensible manner. This can be effectively accomplished with the health service in the EASY employee portal—and employees who may be infected can be sent to their home office through an automated and reliable process. Users of the employee portal can thereby report positive tests of infectious diseases directly to the personnel department. At the same time, the employee portal automatically searches the integrated attendance list after each report. In this way, the HR portal identifies the employees who may have been in the same area over the past 14 days and notifies them automatically.

Transform your employee portal into a company-wide communication center. Keep your employees up to date. Publish internal company news on any subject with a click. Getting employees of the company on the same page has never been easier.

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