Dokumente rechtssicher archivieren in Salesforce

Data archiving in sales

In the course of the sales process, a large number of documents are created which are mostly stored on a decentralized basis due to the use of different systems. This often makes searches for documents difficult and time-consuming. In addition, in data archiving in sales one needs to keep in mind: All tax-relevant and business-critical documents have to be stored in a legally-compliant way.


Would you like to store all your documents centrally and in compliance with the legal requirements directly in Salesforce, but do you feel that the storage space is too expensive? The EASY Archive for Salesforce™ plug-in is an SaaS solution that integrates directly into the Salesforce interface with which you are familiar, providing you with a cost-saving alternative – while keeping your documents and data secure. By the easy addition of files via a Drop Zone as well as automatic versioning, current and relevant customer documents are available to you from a central store. Increase your productivity and say goodbye to tedious searches for documents.

Installation & configuration of EASY Archive for Salesforce™

EASY Archive for Salesforce™ is easy to install: just click on the download button on the Salesforce AppExchange website. During the installation, the app connects with the EASY Cloud Archive Server automatically. You can choose whether the app is installed directly in your production system or in the Salesforce Sandbox.
During the configuration, the app can be inserted flexibly into the page layouts of the four standard objects of “Leads”, “Contacts”, “Opportunities” and “Accounts”. The archive element can be placed easily in the required position in the layout using drag and drop.

Upload documents directly to Salesforce™

Just drag and drop your documents from the file system into the Drop Zone – and the document is immediately archived in Salesforce™ in an audit-proof way. If you work with documents on a frequent basis in particular, the ease of use of the system will therefore increase your productivity. Alternatively, you can click on the Drop Zone to open a dialog box which displays your file system, and select one or more files from there.

Full text search in the archive

In the documents archived for an object such as a contact in Salesforce™, you can use the full-text search feature to search according to both the file name and document type. This means that documents can be retrieved more quickly and conveniently, which increases the everyday productivity of your employees.

Versioning of the documents archived in Salesforce™

If a document is modified and uploaded again to the EASY Archive for Salesforce™, a new version is generated and archived automatically. The different versions can be accessed using the drop-down menu behind each file. In this way, you always have the most recent documents in view and therefore avoid sources of error.

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EASY Archive for Salesforce™ – 30-day free trial

Thanks to pay-per-use billing, you enjoy unlimited flexibility in terms of the number of users and the archive storage volume.
Just download your EASY Archive for Salesforce™ via Salesforce AppExchange at the touch of a button, and take advantage of our 30-day free trial.

Whitepaper Digitale Kollaboration im Vertragsmanagement

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  • Wie ein ganzheitliches Vertragsmanagement Lücken im Gesamtprozess schließt, Medienbrüche beseitigt und Workflows automatisiert werden können
  • Was bei der Auswahl einer Software-Lösung zu beachten ist, um aus ihrem digitalen Vertragsmanagement eine Erfolgsstory zu machen

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Whitepaper Digital Kollaboration im Vertragsmanagement

Digitales Vertragsmanagement mit EASY Contract

The benefits of EASY Archive for Salesforce™ at a glance:

Increased productivity

  • Easier to upload documents via the Drop Zone
  • Files can be found quickly with the full text search
  • Quick and easy access to all costumer-relevant documents
  • Intuitive operation through integration in the familiar Salesforce interface: No user training necessary

Cost saving

  • Significant reduction in document storage costs
  • Unrestricted flexibility due to pay-per-use model

Legally-compliant archiving

  • Archiving in the EASY Archive, proven for over 30 years – and certified according to IDW PS-88o
  • Guaranteed compliance with the GoBD (principles for maintaining, keeping and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access) and audit-proof data archiving
  • Cooperation with certified data centers in Germany

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