For the efficient control of your processes: our workflow management system

Discover the possibilities of process automation. With EASY Workflow. Whether rule-based incoming mail processing, ordering processes, incoming invoice validation, digital human resources or contract files – the workflow management system flexibly fits your individual needs and desires thanks to many high-performance out-of-the-box solutions. It reliably controls even complex business processes and keeps an eye on all deadlines and legal requirements.


  • Simple to implement and easy to operate workflow management software for reproducing your company processes
  • Graphical process editor based on Microsoft Visio©
  • Integrated process monitoring with multi-level escalation management

Paper is patient. Are your business partners?

Traditional, paper-based processes lead to delays, again and again. Because paper documents have to be transported physically. They pile up in storage and tend not to be findable at the most inopportune moments. The results are long transportation and waiting times, a lack of transparency and access to information, and last but not least frustrated employees. With the process automation of EASY Workflow, you put an end to that – and enter a new dimension of efficiency and speed.

Our solution: process optimization à la EASY SOFTWARE

Do you want to improve the workflow? Then EASY Workflow is the ideal solution for you. With it, you can design document-based processes in the company more easily, more securely, and more efficiently. The workflow management system allows extensive process automation, for example in the processing of incoming invoices or incoming mail. The workflow software automatically assigns the information to business processes after a comparison with, for example, master data in the ERP, so that it reaches the right contact with no loss of time. Thanks to proxy rules, processes are quickly handled even when the contact is absent. Last but not least, follow-ups and reminder functions make sure that no document is left unhandled.

Location independent and web-based

EASY Workflow allows web-based access anytime and anywhere via an intuitive user interface. The workflow management software web client supports all standard mobile devices. An integrated authorization system ensures that only a select set of employees can see and process business processes. In addition, there are extensive reporting options and live analyses.

Your advantages

  • Even complex workflows are quickly created or adapted with MS Visio©.
  • EASY Workflow prevents long waiting times and transportation queues and ensures timely approval.
  • Data exchange with adjacent systems such as SAP or MS Dynamics is possible with no trouble via the appropriate interfaces.
  • You are always able to provide information when there are questions about a business transaction, thus gaining flexibility.
  • You benefit from more efficiency and security thanks to proxy rules and reliable deadline and escalation management.
  • The solution is intuitive and user-friendly. Employees are able to work with it without long training.

The combination of technologies recommended by EASY has proven to be just right and was exactly what we needed.

Polly Avgherinos, Wilmington PLC

The process

Automatic task allocation

A powerful workflow engine automatically forwards documents to the next processor and processing step. The process can also be initiated by the user as an ad hoc workflow.


Freely definable approval scenarios

Approval and authorization scenarios can be easily adapted to the customer’s individual parameters and testing requirements in EASY Workflow. The workflow management system channels the document from approval stage to approval stage – always to the right person responsible. And if that person is absent, to their predefined substitute.


Reminder system

If deadlines need to be taken into account – for example, discount periods for invoices – appropriate reminders can be set up as a standard or entered by the initiator in ad hoc workflows. If a document has been sitting too long and a deadline is at risk, the current processor automatically receives a reminder email.



All information and documents which employees need for approval can be viewed via the web client or mobile apps. An approval can be granted on the desktop or any standard mobile device. The approval can even trigger processes in turn – for example, the automatic forwarding to Bookkeeping or the creation of a posting record for invoices.


Alles auf einem Blick: die elektronische Rechnungsverarbeitung
Olaf Westmeier