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Those who master the digital transformation have a competitive advantage. The area of mobility particularly offers tremendous potential. Because mobile apps support your field and customer service, as an app for service technicians or facility managers, for example. Everywhere employees are on the go, create service reports or need access to company resources, the EASY Service App is the ideal companion.

The reason: Installed on smartphones and tablets, the software enables your employees to do their job faster and more efficiently. It has a solution for every job specification.

Continuous digital processes – without media disruptions

  • Connection of existing systems (ERP/CRM/PPS) for the acquisition and transmission of data
  • Shorter cycle times and faster invoicing
  • Higher process security and process quality
  • Fewer errors and less redundant work
  • Access to customer data and systems and devices which are installed or to be installed, with associated documents

The focus on the customer

  • Time savings in pre- and post-processing
  • All information available at a glance, thanks to integration in existing systems
  • Higher quality and more transparency in customer meetings
  • Expert appearance at the customer and better customer retention
  • Faster reaction to changes

Digitization in customer service. That has potential.

Field service and mobile customer service hold significant potential for digitization. With the EASY Service App and the EASY Cloud Platform, you have a solution which will always provide your mobile employees with all relevant information. The pressure will also be taken off your back office. They will have to intervene with support less often and, thanks to data synchronization, mobile generated service and call reports or replacement part orders, for example, will be available for processing almost in real time.

Die EASY Service App für den Außendienst – alle Daten für den Prozess in einer App

Access to all relevant customer service systems

Installed on iOS or Android smartphones or tablets, the mobile app integrates your ERP, CRM, inventory management and many more backend systems. That way, the mobile employees have access to things like assignment or customer data, device information, checklists and templates no matter where they are.

Paperless field service is more efficient.

Are your employees still using clipboards, file folders, and checklists? Then you’re familiar with this: documents missing on site. They are lost or are filled out illegibly. And by the time they have reached headquarters for processing and are scanned, several hours have passed. As a result, work falters and is unprofitable. Employees in the back office have to handle unproductive “reworking”. And because everything takes a little longer, the customer may even be unhappy.

Die EASY Service App für den Außendienst – alle Daten für den Prozess in einer App

EASY Service App – maximum transparency

The EASY SOFTWARE mobile app on a tablet or smartphone does more than put an end to such process barriers. It also provides maximum transparency. The app for the field service integrates your employees in the company processes, even while at the customer – and you are a step ahead of your competition. Sufficiently powerful mobile devices have long been available in every price class and from every provider.

Your advantages at a glance

Serial numbers, technical data and much more are available everywhere.

Work orders can be accepted away from headquarters.

Predefined checklists support the effective processing of an order.

The device and customer history is always available.

Thanks to automatic synchronization, the data are immediately available centrally for further processing.

Data are also available offline in the event of a poor connection.

FAQs: Field service app

Our apps are designed to be as barrier-free as possible. We devise all content with the greatest care to be easily understandable and simple to read. All functions can be operated without effort and are extremely user-friendly.

You can use the EASY field service apps on either an iOS or Android system. We support the operating system versions which are currently supported by Apple or the manufacturers of Android systems.

But that’s not all. Of course, EASY also supports human machine interfaces (HMIs) on a variety of operating system platforms and equipment. However, this class is then considered to be part of industrial equipment with a special application focus.

We develop our apps so that they can be used without special technical skills or knowledge. Our focus is and always has been on ease of use. Training or even an introduction are not necessary.

Background: Thanks to the consumerization of IT, almost everyone is able to operate mobile applications. It is familiar to us from our personal lives and our use of smartphones. Business applications are designed to be just as simple as personal applications. The user experience is fundamentally important.

How do I prevent the former employee from continuing to use the field service app?

The field service app includes user administration which works across devices and apps. With it, the administrator controls what users still have access to the data in the backend through the EASY Cloud or the backend system. Users can thus be blocked or deleted with no trouble.

Over 40 different backend systems are currently supported. And there are more almost every day. This is due to our approach. EASY SOFTWARE has a component or module market. Integration with backend systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics Nav, etc. are supported as well as various database types (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MicrosoftSQL, NoSQL, etc.). Furthermore, we support the integration of LDAP systems, and the connection to Facebook accounts or Google services and the like is also possible. We can even implement connectors to services that do not currently exist in a short time: web services, REST and other APIs make that possible.

You obtain the EASY field service app from secure sources: the Apple B2B app store or a private channel in the Google Play store.

No. EASY SOFTWARE has been developing process-oriented business solutions for a good 30 years. We have the experience to transfer business processes to an application – the field service app – in a short time. In other words, the technology, i.e. the app, is not tied to any one industry. As a result, almost any business process can be modeled in the app.

The EASY field service app also works in offline mode. The documents are first stored in the app on the mobile device and the application, together with its work processes, is also available offline. Of course, changes to documents and other data are also possible offline. As soon as the field service employee has a network connection again, the app automatically synchronizes with the leading backend system.

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