The digital personnel file

Never miss another anniversary!

Finally, an end to searching. With the central storage of all data and associated documents, you can efficiently administer personnel master data. The digital rights management for file viewing relieves the operative tasks of the human resources department and increases your performance. To-dos in the onboarding of new employees, payroll overviews, associated documents, or the 25-year anniversary of a valued employee – your personnel management is transparent. You have everything in view and are reminded of important dates.

Digital personnel files for a lean and modern HR department


  • Clear authorization concepts with access logging
  • Stored deletion dates control the automatic deletion of data
  • Manual options for deleting data
  • Support for data minimization

… and transparent

  • All information central in one file, no redundancies
  • Fast information retrieval and provision
  • Uniform, cross-location storage structure
  • Reliable compliance with deadlines

The functions at a glance

Intelligent rights management

Depending on the role and individual authorization, the user – no matter whether it’s a human resources professional, a supervisor, or an employee – sees exactly the information which is intended for them.


Hardly any document in the company’s day-to-day business is subject to such high demands for security as the personnel file. With sophisticated security mechanisms, we ensure that data protection regulations are strictly followed.

Complying with deadlines

Integrated deadline management not only reliably reminds you of all follow-ups and to-dos, it also monitors deadlines. An appreciable load is taken off of employees in the HR department.

Employee retention

Today, especially with the demographic shift, it is important not only to find good employees, but also to keep them. A successful onboarding is essential for this. With workflow-controlled task management, completion monitoring with deadlines, and multi-stage escalation management, you can achieve that effortlessly.

Company and client file

Our digital file is rounded out with the revision-proof storage of documents which are not employee-related, such as bargaining agreements or social insurance annual reports.

Mobile and flexible

Web-based access, independent of location, fits into your daily routine and allows free and flexible work.


Mobile apps such as vacation requests, master data changes following a name change or a change in tax bracket.

Personnel processes that simply work everywhere

Thanks to a flexible tool, we take the personnel master data automatically from all third-party systems, such as salary and payroll systems. These are synchronized with your ERP system and records are automatically stored in the right place.

All employees warmed up to the digital file in a very short time. After two weeks, nobody wanted to do without it.

Christian Pukschaml, Personnel Manager, Feser-Graf Group

Christian Puckschaml, Personalleiter der Feser-Graf-Gruppe
Customer success stories


Kinopolis found everything the company was looking for at EASY SOFTWARE. First Kinopolis introduced EASY Contract, followed by EASY HR.Then EASY Invoice was also launched.

IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt

With its staff of nearly 130, the Economic Chamber represents the interests of its members. It recognized the importance of digitization as a topic with site relevance very early on, setting a good example: in the HR department, it is using a digital appraisal management system based on EASY HR.


EASY SOFTWARE installed the digital personnel file at the Feser-Graf Group. The goals achieved are accelerated processes and greater transparency.

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