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Digital document capture

Capture and classify documents

Digital document capture with text recognition is the foundation for all downstream processes. Because only reliably read records and documents are able to initiate other processes and be located quickly in an extensive archive.

Digital document capture in no time

With its powerful OCR technology, easy Capture Plus ensures the correct foundation. Digitizing records and capturing, classifying, and even automatically assigning documents is especially efficient and quickly possible with the solution.

The highlights of digitizing records

Document classification with easy Capture Plus works with files from every source: paper documents are quickly digitized and read; electronic documents are automatically extracted.

easy Capture Plus integrates seamlessly into your operating procedures and transmits data to the archive, the ERP, or the downstream workflow with no problem.

easy Capture Plus requires almost no training. Your employees will be able to work surely with the intuitive solution after brief training.

The starting point

Capturing, indexing, and classifying content from paper-based or electronic documents is becoming increasingly complex in the Information Age. The volume of documents is growing as is the number of sources which feed it. Therefore, fast but reliable extraction using OCR software is one of the key technologies of modern and, in part, even automated document management. With easy Capture Plus, easy software offers you one of the most powerful solutions on the market.

The solution

easy Capture Plus is a tool for automatic text recognition, which integrates into your operating procedures and reliably transmits documents to your EASY Archive or your workflows. The solution is suitable for central use and for the development of the decentralized capture of records in companies with several locations. Its intuitive operation ensures short training times and reduces the number of operating errors. In offline mode, content can even be captured without a connection to the server.

What’s more, easy Capture Plus allows you to convert and faithfully display documents from a wide variety of formats. You need only this one solution in order to process almost all incoming documents. That saves licensing costs and, on top of that, computer capacity. Because the conversion does not take place on the client, but rather on the server. Consequently, the number of local installations is reduced, as is the administrative effort for your digital record capture.

The process of digitizing records

  • easy Capture Plus processes files from every conceivable input channel and can display over 300 file formats.
  • The capture effort is significantly reduced thanks to convenient text recognition and automatic extraction of information.
  • Extracted information can be automatically compared with existing data sources such as directories or supplier lists.
  • The use of one integrated solution instead of several separate solutions reduces costs.
  • Transaction-secure processing, web-based process monitoring, and unbroken logging provide the highest security.

Records and documents which arrive on paper are digitised by the user with a scanner. The solution automatically picks up content from the fax server or email attachments. It reads the digitised or already digital documents using OCR technology and transmits the data to the ERP System such as SAP.

The ERP System automatically recognizes the contents and compares them with the datasets from the database. A storage suggestion is generated.

As a rule, the records are automatically assigned to the existing database object. If necessary, manual assignment is also possible.

If a record is searched for, it is found lightning fast via full text search and intelligent filter functions and can be called up by any user with the appropriate access rights, anytime and anywhere.

How the digital signature works – The guide to electronic signatures

This guide tells you everything you need to know about digital signatures in corporate use; key facts and legal aspects are summarized compactly.

Software functions for document capturing

  • easy Capture Plus replaces many other solutions – technical administration becomes easier.Scalability, state-of-the-art technology, and high flexibility thanks to server-based, modular design make the solution future-proof.
  • Simple integration thanks to open interfaces
  • Server-based extraction and classification of documentsSimple classification and differentiation of documents by keywords, regular expressions, and by script
  • Extremely fast display of files to be converted with almost perfect reproduction
  • English and German are standard (additional languages on request)
  • Uniform configuration, independent of data source
  • Cluster-capable server for distributed computing

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