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Create, Collaborate, and Sign.
Managing contracts, made easy.

Create and collaborate to produce contracts that will get signed

Use and request digital signatures without switching between tools

Easily find the right contract and get reminders in case you forget

Give Employees, Customers & Suppliers transparency with fine granular access rights

contract deadlines easy to see

Keep an eye on your termination deadlines with tasks and reminders. Never miss a date.

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let’s talk about how easy contract will help you get signatures on the dotted lines


One Tool for Contracts – from Creation to termination

easy contract is your all-in-one solution for digital contract management. Thanks to intuitive contract files, powerful deadline management, fast creation of contracts based on templates and standardized text modules, collaborative work in Microsoft Office 365 and digital signatures with DocuSign or easy eSignature.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Web-based access independent of time and place
  • Contract file and contract management
  • Deadline management and escalations
  • Reliable reminder of events and to-dos
  • Easy creation of contracts based on templates, text modules and contract metadata
  • Compliance-secure documentation of all events and activities on the contract
  • Liquidity planning, controlling and reporting
  • Quick contract conclusion by means of digital signature

Create and Finalize Contracts faster

Use templates

Choose the type of contract you want – and let easy contract do most of the work. Its templates and automated processes make contract creation fast, easy and secure. Contracts for suppliers, employees, tenants, services, purchases, insurances and more: Created in no time at all!

Select contract texts

With easy contract, you use your quality-assured text modules. As needed and depending on the type of contract you have. You can quickly compile, edit, add to, and forward contract texts. It’s easy, with just a few clicks.

Collaborate online

Edit contracts collaboratively via Microsoft Office365 for efficient cross-company collaboration. Work directly together in the document and use comments for quick answers to open questions – it couldn’t be easier.

send and sign, the rest is easy

Send out for signatures

Define the contract partners and automatically have a digital siganture process started for you. No need to log into another tool.

Digital Signatures

Whether it’s Docusign or our easy eSignature, once a contract is signed it is instantly saved in your Contract Management system and includes all the digital siganture verifications.

Automated Unsigned & Signed Processing

Once a contract is signed automatically start the next step of a process. Even better, if it hasn’t been signed, trigger employees or contract partners to take action.

Stay up-to-date and never miss extensions

Precise search functions

Easily find any contract via search, filters and contract status. Even the documents and the comments on the contract can be used to find the right document.

Inbox & Notifications

While working on several contracts, it can be easy to lose track of what’s next or where progress has been made. With easy contract, you can always stay up-to-date.

Deadline Reminders & tasks

Get reminders and assign tasks so that a deadline is never missed. Contract deadlines can be assigned to multiple employees and reminders can be set to fit your business.

Integrations / Add-ons

Easy to connect

Contract management for everyone. With easy contract, you have your contracts and deadlines securely under control. Easy to integrate with a wide range of third-party systems.

Contract management in SAP. This makes managing your contracts a breeze – thanks to the ease of use provided by SAP Fiori user interfaces.

Sign contracts digitally. Legally secure and at any time and any place. Use easy signature or make use of your DocuSign or FP-sign accounts. Just as easy and unique as signing by hand.

EASY contract management enables us to take a much more forward-looking approach and make our contract negotiations more proactive.

Viola Matthaeas

Legal Advisor


Contracts made easy

Create and collaborate to deliver ready-to-sign contracts faster. Get signatures on the dotted lines in minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

Get Business Started, faster

Create and collaborate to produce contracts that will get signed twelve times faster.

With automated processes and collaborative workflows in easy contract. Intelligent full text search, contract libraries and a user-friendly interface put your contract management in the fast lane.

Digital Signatures without switching between tools

Once a contract’s ready, publish it and collect signatures with easy eSignature or DocuSign.

Digital contract management eliminates the need for pen and paper. Complete the signature process quickly and legally securely with DocuSign or our easy eSignature. Both solutions are seamlessly integrated into easy contract. Automatically inform everyone that needs to sign and complete the contract faster.

Easily find the right contract and be reminded about those you forget

Drastically reduced process times thanks to full text search, automated workflows and accurate search functions.

Put efficiency and decision-making at the center of your work – not searching or routine tasks. easy contract supports you in all contract phases with automated processes for creating, editing, releasing and signing. Contracts and relevant documents, emails, notes, etc. can be found bundled and clearly presented in the contract file.

Free Word Template

Specifications for implementing a Contract Management System

  • comprehensive Word template
  • software providers can submit a detailed offer based on this
  • create your individual software requirements specification quickly and easily
free template

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Archive data securely and compliant.

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Digitally verify and approve invoices.

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