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Spend More Time with People with the Secure Digital File and Employee Self-Services.

Find, Hire and Onboard the Right People. Manage, Train and Grow Employees

Create Documents Faster with Templates

Save Time and Be Transparent with Employee Self-Services

Keep Files and Personal Data Secure & GDPR Conform

Certified Cloud Solution

More time for growth

If you want to find and retain skilled employees, you have to keep them satisfied. Recognizing and promoting potential stars, adapting to change and strengthening employer branding: easy hr reduces your administrative workload, freeing up time for your strategic work.

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Let’s talk about how easy hr can help you to put the focus back on people


Hire, Onboard and Grow with Automation & Self-Services

easy hr supports your HR work with digital personnel files and automated features, for optimal recruiting, onboarding/offboarding or the further development of your employees.

  • Secure access control, strong and flexible authorization system
  • Intuitive user interface for administration by the specialist department
  • Reliable reminder of events and to-dos
  • Digital personnel file with expandable file structure
  • Tender management
  • Applicant Management
  • Training, further education, seminar management
  • Employee Self Service Portal

Attract skilled workers and get them flying fast

Templates & Postings

Quickly create job ads from the position description for direct publication on job boards or your website. Create your job ads quickly and easily directly from the position description. Templates and text modules ensure consistently high quality. For direct publication on job boards and your website.

Automatic Applicant Assessments

Get assessment scores for every applicant and understand who may be the best fit for your company. Even publish test assessments to get a better idea who the best candidate is.

Seamless Hiring & Onboarding Workflows

Ensure every hire gets the proper attention with customizable hiring and onboarding workflows to ensure your new recruits can make an impact sooner.

accompany employees strategically: finally the time for it

Never miss a deadline or task

Stay informed with an overview of tasks and deadlines for each HR Employee. Be notified of upcoming deadlines and keep a high level overview with a calendar – and never miss another colleague’s birthday again.

Employee Timeline

Gain insights into each and every employee and view their timeline at your comapny. Get better understanding of their growth within your company and see what tasks are still outstanding to ensure the next goals can be reached.

Seminars & Qualifications

Encourage employee growth and easily offer employee seminars, trainings and workshops. Employees can easily book these and qualifications will be saved directly in their employee file.

the digital employee file with privacy in mind

secure in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid

Keep your digital personnel files where you feel best, easy hr is available everywhere.

data protection – no problem

Every document and personnel file is stored securely for both employees and applicants. Automatic deletion policies ensure that you’re only keeping the data that is essential.

Secure Role-Based Access Controls

easy hr supports fine granular roles to ensure that only the right people have access to specific documents within a personnel file.

Get employees involved

Self-Services via Web & App

Give works access to their personnel file and allow them to interact with HR more easily via self-services such as forms, illness notification, requests and more.


Every Personal File Archived by Default

Compliant archiving done easy. Every email, attachment and file is automatically stored in easy archive to ensure you stay compliant and can find everything on demand.

EASY creates a foundation in our company for transparent, flexible, and efficient personnel processes – from hiring to retirement.

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Austrian Federal Railways

Human Resources (HR)

Integrations / Add-ons

easy to connect

easy hr is easily integrated with a wide range of third-party systems.

The add-ons for SAP close your digital gaps in the SAP system and let you keep track – without Excel lists. Involve your managers and employees via self-services.

With the digital personnel file in SAP, you have all personnel information at a glance. Data and documents are stored securely and you use the SAP role concept for efficient assignment of rights.


Spend More Time with People with the Secure Digital File and Employee Self-Services

From finding and promoting employees to employer branding: easy hr gives you more time for strategic issues. With easy HR you ensure: automation, employee self-services and data management according to GDPR, GoBD, SOX and ISO 27001.

Find, Hire and Onboard the Right People

Win new talent more efficiently and deploy them profitably.

A lot of things have to happen between the interview and the employee’s first day. Ensure you have the tools to recruit, hire and get employees working quickly so your business can grow.

Manage, Train and Grow Employees

Easily keep track of employees, their career growth and coordinate professional development with seminar management tools.

Managing employee files is just a small part of the job. Keep an overview of each and every employees growth, plan their future and offer them training at the right time.

Create Documents Faster with Templates

Create new job postings, reference letters and other employee documents quickly using data from the personal file and text blocks.

Via document designer, HR can create job postings, reference letters and certification documents faster than ever.

Save Time and Be Transparent with Employee Self-Services

Empower employees to take action themselves – anywhere and anytime.

With Employee Self-Services employees can access theier documents, submit information and start workflows via the web or their phones. Employees are used to digital services and eager to use them. Give them a modern interface so that they can always access the data they need and easily start processes and interactions with your HR department.

Keep Files and Personal Data Secure & GDPR Conform

Ensure that employee documents with role and organizational based rights and even grant specific roles access to specific types of employee documents, Data Privacy has never been easier to implement.

Whether is job applicants, active employees or retirees, it’s essential that HR systems make implementing data privacy as easy as possible.

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