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EASY Contract 3.0: Manage Contracts Quickly, Efficiently, and Reliably

It’s how to handle modern contract management: the new 3.0 version of our successful, proven solution EASY Contract now allows companies to work even more quickly, efficiently, and reliably.


What is EASY Contract?

EASY Contract is the modern, web-based system for central contract management and processing. Whether we’re working in purchasing, IT, or the HR department – every day, we deal with a wide range of different types of contract in our companies, such as employment, rental, maintenance, and leasing contracts. Easy Contract ensures all of these documents, information, and other attachments are quick and easy for all participants to find. This allows our solution to ensure everyone is kept up to date and information is distributed in a unified manner.

Contract management with EASY Contract supports the complete “life cycle” of a contract: contract creation, recording, monitoring, and controlling. With EASY Contract, you can easily manage even complex approval workflows with version and template management. EASY Contract also offers an overview of all closed contracts, as well as electronic support in creating new contracts.


What’s New in Version 3.0?

EASY Contract 3.0 is based on the current EASY Client, and includes all of its advantages. Additionally, EASY Contract 3.0 offers a new, ergonomic user interface that entails optimized operability. EASY has also added new developments to key functions and provided some new features as well.


Optimized Deadline Management

For instance, version 3.0 offers more highly-developed deadline management: Now, deadlines aren’t just restricted to contracts. They can be attached to any object, as can information on contract partners or series of payments. This means users can also set reminders for events that don’t relate directly to the contracts. For instance, they can set deadlines for when a supplier self-assessment needs to be renewed, when a certificate is expiring, or when the financial department needs to review an incoming payment.


Reporting: Export at the Touch of a Button

Ad-hoc reports on individual contracts provide a quick overview of the financial aspects of a contract, even with pre-defined filters. In EASY Contract 3.0, you can now also export these reports as an Excel file or a PDF with the touch of a button.

EASY has added new diagrams to financial reports. The new technological basis (chart.js) offers both an improved look and the option of using your mouse to interactively call up individual figures in the diagram area. All you have to do is position your mouse in the area. Besides the familiar Excel export feature, you can now also print out financial reports as PDFs.


Dynamic Tab for Framework Agreements

EASY Contract 3.0 structures contracts hierarchically. You can define contracts as framework agreements. If you do, the software will dynamically insert a new tab that lists all sub-contracts allocated to a framework agreement and displays dependencies so they are easy to recognize at a glance.


Intercompany Agreements

In the new Version 3.0 of EASY Contract, you can now select additional internal contractual partners besides the contracting company. Intercompany contracts concluded in this manner are visible on all participating companies – the system also takes them into account in evaluations for all participants.


Various Adaptations Possible

Many new so-called callbacks make customized adaptations easier. Project-specific functionality and JavaScript developments allow you to expand the scope of functions. New callbacks offer diverse adaptation options, and you can make highly detailed changes to the behaviour of the application to match customer needs without lowering the product standard. You can also update the system at any time – even for complex modifications.


Visualization of Key Contract Events

Our solution presents key contract events as “speech bubbles” beside the contract, sorting them chronologically. It documents when you upload or delete a document, grant an extension, terminate an agreement, or change the contract status, then presents this information in a clear way. This means the most important milestones in the life cycle of the contract are available at a glance; the contract history is made visible to all users in a quick and transparent manner.



An expanded function now also allows you to capture semi-annual and other cancellations.


HTML Contract Overview

An HTML contract overview displays all key information at a glance. Who are my (internal and external) contractual partners? When was the contract signed? What costs will there be? When can the contract be terminated, and when would this termination come into effect? The HTML overview presents all of the most important information on a central page. There is no need to gather information from other tabs or files. You can also click on all elements in the overview with your mouse. This means users can jump directly to a payment, a contractual partner, or a framework agreement. The information page can be exported as a PDF and printed out.


Optional Document Tree

Users also have the option of displaying contractual documents in a structured document tree. This makes it easier to work with contracts that have multiple attached files. The multi-level, sorted hierarchy makes it easier to find individual documents and to navigate between various files.


Personalized Dashboard

After starting the application, you can display a personalized “dashboard.” Here, you’ll find lists and diagrams with key information on the contracts: graphic assessments make controlling easy. Sorted and filtered lists of contracts show at a glance which agreements are expiring soon, which ones need to be extended, and which deadlines are coming up.


Audit-Proof E-Mail Integration

A central area automatically processes e-mails, which users can store there using drag and drop. All they have to do is allocate these e-mails to a contract. The system breaks the e-mails down into various components such as “subject,” “content,” “send date,” or “recipient,” then stores this information in searchable fields. The software adds e-mail attachments as documents, and saves the original e-mail file itself for audit-proof storage.


Improved Client Structure

Users can modify client structures more easily. Version 3.0 makes it significantly easier to delete and move clients and their associated contracts. You can now select the format for your numbering, and even enter any desired values for this purpose. It’s also possible to eliminate numbering if needed.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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