Customer focus and service are important buzzwords in a competitive market. But customer service does not end with the sales agreement. You do not truly discover how well-positioned a company is until you make a complaint. A powerful ECM system can be helpful here: It reduces the reaction time and makes the decision-making processes in this especially critical phase of customer relations easier.

Damage to a company's image? It happens quicker than you think!

The vast majority of dissatisfied customers will switch to your competition sooner or later. This makes it even more important to not let things get this far, and to protect your existing customers. Furthermore, surveys show that no news travels as quickly as news of poor service from a company. Studies discovered that if someone is disappointed, they want nothing more than to tell everyone about their anger. They will tell up to fifteen friends and acquaintances of their negative experience.

Quick reactions? Not without information

That is why companies invest so much time and effort in customer satisfaction. They are obliging and try to help quickly. But this can only work if the staff working in complaint management have access to all of the information that they need. Contract documents, customer data, customer history, telephone conversations with call centre agents, letters, delivery notices and much more must be available at the touch of a button. And within the shortest amount of time – as incensed customers are anything but patient.

Process complex complaints in the best possible way

An ECM guarantees the availability of this kind of data; makes it easy and quick to find; and thus improves the basis for decision-making. And it can do more: With a suitable workflow, it can facilitate the rapid delegation of a complaint. When it comes to customer complaints filed in paper format or via email, the system will not just identify the customer, but the complaint too, and will automatically forward this to the relevant department for verification. And, it can quickly incorporate additional departments if required.

Escalation steps can even be set if needed: Does the head of department need to authorise an act of good will? What can the case workers decide upon themselves? These questions no longer need to hold back complaint management within companies – they can be automated.

Ergo: Those using a powerful ECM can achieve that which seems so easy in theory but is so difficult to realise in practice: It turns every complaint into an opportunity. And turns a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

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