EASY SOFTWARE UK, Europe’s foremost supplier of document management solutions has today announced that it is delivering significant productivity and efficiency improvement at South Coast-based HWB Accountants.

HWB Accountants have been established for over 25 years and attribute this largely to their personal service and close working relationships with clients. Before embarking on a major electronic document management project with EASY Software some seven years ago, HWB had to rely on paper and manual information extraction to manage client files, records and responses to queries. This process was not only time- and resource-consuming, but was disabling in terms of the sheer quantity of paper that was being generated.  Storing, retrieving, filing, refiling, managing and accessing paper became unwieldy, very costly and impacted on service levels.

HWB engaged with Document Management specialists EASY Software with a view to significantly reducing paper from its day to day operations and to implement instead a document capture, storage and retrieval process that would not only deliver less and less reliance on paper but pave the way for a better working environment and faster responses to client queries.

Alan Williams, HWB’s finance director, spearheaded the decision to implement this new electronic way of working, “We could see such immediate advantages even at an early stage of the project, that we were spurred on to continue.  We moved from a process that was entirely manual, resource and labour intensive, to being able to take a call from a client and having access to their information on the screen in seconds.  That was such a positive switch that any difficulties in transitioning from one system to another were soon forgotten.”

As staff were won over to the system, HWB saw its offices transformed with less and less paper, files and records to be stored and handled.  Where files or records were pulled from offsite storage it was decided to scan them there and then, thereby negating the need for further recall from storage.  Not only were storage and recall costs being reduced but the working environment at HWB was visibly improving as the firm got closer and closer to what Alan describes as a ‘massively paper reduced’ environment.

EASY’s electronic document management technology is now firmly embedded in the DNA of HWB freeing up staff and partners to get on with the business of providing specialist, quality advice in this recovering economic climate.

Alan comments, “We are delighted with what we have achieved with EASY’s technologies and in particular with the huge advantage it gives us when mobile. I can access files on a client site, on the train or working remotely and this again gives us a great efficiency and competitive edge.”

“We have many clients, who like Alan and the team at HWB have been using our technology for a number of years and are almost blasé about their achievements and the transformation that moving from paper to an electronic environment has delivered to the business,” added Howard Frear, sales and marketing director at EASY Software UK.  “Few of them can imagine or remember the inefficiencies, risks and delays that managing and storing paper caused such as been the ease with which they have embraced this electronic way of working.”


About HWB Accountants

South coast based HWB Accountants have been established for over 25 years and attribute this largely to their personal service and close working relationships with clients. As a result, most clients come through recommendation and stay with the firm for many years.  The firm, with a strong commercial bias, provides compliance services to its clients and prides itself on a proactive approach to added value services such as specialist company and personal tax planning, advice on business strategy and corporate finance.

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