Release: EASY for Dynamics 365 BC

With Version 15 of the new EASY for Dynamics 365 BC interface, you enter into a new era of digital business processes. Creating compatibility with the Microsoft 365 Business Central ERP system is one of the achieved objectives of this major version, which is the successor product to our well-known Navision interface, EASY for Dynamics. In addition to this, however, we also want to pass on the outstanding features and functions of Dynamics 365 BC to our applications. After all, EASY Archive, EASY DMS and also EASY Invoice benefit hugely from linking up with 365 Business Central.

What’s New – Subscription Models

Staying flexible is the order of the day. EASY for Dynamics 365 BC gives you the maximum scope for being able to achieve just that. We can offer you an attractive subscription model. You pay according to your use, while you have all the features at your fingertips at the same time – and from the very first minute. And the best part: The maintenance is part of the subscription model. Keep productive in your job while we keep the systems running.

Application possibilities – from the cloud, to hybrid, through to on-premises

The right choice for all the regular application scenarios: EASY for Dynamics 365 BC gives you freedom of choice. If you’re a cloud fan, EASY for Dynamics 365 is the right choice. Even if you’re skeptical or hesitant about the new world of the cloud, interesting variants are available. It goes without saying that EASY for Dynamics 365 BC also supports on-premises and hybrid use scenarios. The sky is the limit – with EASY for Dynamics 365 BC.

EASY for Dynamics 365 BC – with WOW factor

Do you require additional apps for tasks that you don’t know anything about today? Maybe an archive system or a document management system? EASY for Dynamics 365 BC makes it easier for you than ever before. You start the typical installation by double-clicking – and the archive or DMS app is available after a short time.

Rapid and always up-to-date thanks to new extension technology

With EASY for Dynamics 365 BC, you have an interface that supports modern Microsoft extension technology. Regular updates therefore provide you with state-of-the-art technology without any problems. This way, you have access to brand new functions and features that you and many others have been waiting for.

The perfect quintet: EASY for Dynamics 365 BC

Extend your system, and experience the smooth interaction of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central via EASY for Dynamics 365 BC with the proven software solutions of EASY Archive, EASY DMS and EASY Invoice. Let us surprise you.

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