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“Olaf Westmeier* replies”: file solutions in conjunction with SAP – how do we go about it?

” We have now tried everything for our maintenance file: file system, Microsoft Sharepoint and the file solution provided by SAP. Everything has gone wrong.” – I take a swallow. What have I tripped over here?


The previous history of EASY Contract

Three years ago we successfully launched within the company the EASY Contract management system for all clients. And of course I had (in a good sales manner and inwardly convinced) said that we might like to do still more together.


The courage to tackle the problem

And now should I encourage people in a company which has already failed three times to find a solution? From a technical perspective the “automatic file structure from the SAP data”, the “branching from SAP” and also the “capture” of the old data were no problem. And as these two good references came from an investment group and from a big city in the Ruhr. “Very well,” I thought, “let’s get started”.


Experience helps everyone …

But how do we set about achieving such a solution? 15-day requirement specification phase followed by implementation? Actually, we knew exactly what the customer really wanted. But wait a minute! Can you make such a claim as a consulting company? Simply transfer licences and services from a previous project? It was worth a try using our template – not only because the project duration would be critically shortened, but precisely because the customer had already undergone three failed projects.


…and saves time

Following the first presentation the EASY Consultant, Rico Hoffmann, brought along with him the template for the solution. The anonymous specification from the previous SAP file solution projects served as the basis. Even though the parties initially discussed it at a very technical level – the project was completed, believe it or not, after only 30 days of consultation.


Taking RÜTGERS as an example

In September 2014 Malte Rodammer, the technical testing manager at RÜTGERS Infratec in Castrop Rauxel, gave a presentation with me on “EASY World” about our joint project. Meanwhile RÜTGERS had already been working on the solution for almost two years. And in his inimitable way Malte Rodammer convinced other parties who were interested in EASY with regard to “his” EASY SAP file solution.


Exchange welcome

I would therefore recommend: do not reinvent the wheel but rather learn from others! This soothes the nerves and spares the wallet. Are you planning a digital file project? Ideally in conjunction with SAP? Then please write to me if you have any questions or comments:

Kindest regards – Olaf Westmeier

*Olaf Westmeier is the Key Account Manager of EASY SOFTWARE AG. Since 1999 he has been assisting enterprises in their document-related processes. Browse EASY’s blog site for his hands-on examples of daily practice.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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