Support News

Everything you need to know about the interaction of EASY products and third-party components.

Maintenance for SAP Business Suite

SAP will provide mainstream maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 core applications until end of 2027. This offboarding phase will be followed by optional extended maintenance until end of 2030.

Microsoft LDAPS Patch EASY DMS

The documentation for LDAPS and the current scripts für EASY DMS are provided here.

Microsoft LDAPS Patch EASY for Dynamics NAV/BC | EASY for Dynamics AX/FO

The products are only indirectly affected, as we use Dynamics NAV/BC and Dynamics AX within the Microsoft framework.

Microsoft LDAPS Patch EASY Capture Plus

No update is required for using LDAPS with EASY Capture Plus. You only need to make a setting in the EASY Capture configuration.

Microsoft LDAPS Patch EASY for Exchange

Due to the usage of .NET Framework EASY for Exchange does support the secured connection using LDAPS from the beginning. To secure your connection you just have to pursue the following instructions.

Microsoft LDAPS Patch EASY Archive

For security reasons, Microsoft will no longer support LDAP by default. This is a guide for EASY Archive.