More than just software – Email archiving from EASY

What can automatic email archiving do for you? The answer: give you security and a performance boost. At least, when the provider of the email archiving system is EASY SOFTWARE. With our automatic email archiving, you keep an overview, take the strain off of your systems, and don’t need to worry if you are archiving your emails in accordance with legal regulations.


  • Archiving directly from Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes is possible
  • Emails can be linked to other information regarding the transaction at the touch of a button
  • Revision-proof, long-term archiving

Email: The underestimated resource

The volume of email in companies is growing. But the larger the databases, the slower the system becomes. Users are also often forced to archive their email on their local computer, for example as a local PST file. At the same time, email contains information which the company needs to access and which also must be archived revision-proof – such as email invoices. More and more IT decision makers are wondering: How does legally compliant email archiving work? And how do you ensure access to archived email at any time? The answer is with the email archiving from EASY SOFTWARE. Because EASY’s email management enhances Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes with powerful and legally compliant email archiving. Email can be archived immediately with the touch of a button and just as easily searched for and viewed.

Advantages at a glance

  • Increased transparency thanks to central, transaction-related archiving of email
  • Revision-proof email archiving in Exchange and IBM Notes
  • Seamless integration in the user’s work environment in Microsoft Outlook and

IBM Notes

  • Cost savings and increased performance thanks to reduced storage load
  • Cross-location access to email correspondence
  • Quickly find information thanks to intuitive search
  • Full integration, resulting in high user acceptance, since the familiar work mode does not have to be abandoned

EASY for Microsoft Exchange: Relieving the strain on the infrastructure

EASY’s email archiving builds on many years of experience with Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Exchange. With it, you secure your email regularly and automatically. At the same time, Microsoft Exchange can breathe a sigh of relief. The data volume on the Exchange server is significantly reduced, and the Exchange infrastructure works faster.

The solution integrates seamlessly into the Exchange environment and, thanks to its intuitive operation, requires almost no training period. Users always have quick access to already archived email via the Outlook client and Outlook Web Access. In addition, EASY for Exchange is an important component for your company-wide information management and a comprehensive digitization strategy.

Advantages at a glance

  • Scalable archiving of email – for all industries and companies of every size
  • Simple operation
  • Revision-proof email archiving from Exchange and central information management
  • Effective reduction of the Exchange database volume
  • Simple and fast full text search, even without the Exchange server
  • Mobile access to archived email from any device is possible
  • Use “on premise”, email archiving in the Cloud, and hybrid scenarios are possible
  • Unlimited client capability and high reliability
  • EASY for Exchange is integrated 100% in the familiar email client and uses referencing for the legally compliant archiving of email. Users can access archived email directly from their email client.
  • EASY for Exchange offers the option of simply linking old data. That way, there is no time-consuming and data-intensive migration
  • With EASY, you get an established and leading manufacturer for archiving, DMS, ECM and workflow optimization. EASY has around 1,000 satisfied email archiving customers with EASY for Exchange and its predecessor product EASY xBASE!

IT facts

  • Designed for multiprocessor systems
  • Multi-client capability
  • Database independent
  • Simplified administration
  • Active directory integration
  • Better integration in the EASY Archive
  • Improved EASY Archive plan
  • Reduction of the storage load on the Exchange server by over 90%

Audit-proof e-mail archiving with EASY for Exchange

EASY for IBM Notes

The EASY for IBM Notes email archiving program is the ideal solution for linking IBM Notes to the EASY archive – because it integrates perfectly into existing IBM® Notes®/Domino® environments on both the server and client sides. Documents and attachments such as invoices by email are archived and searched directly from IBM® Notes®. IBM® Lotus Notes®/Domino® becomes as convenient and secure as a modern document management system.

Users are able to assign email process-related to a process or an activity. That way, no important email is lost and can quickly be made available to other people. Business processes can also be initiated.

The special feature: EASY for Notes can handle not only email, but also all notes documents and relieves the Notes database from data which are not permanently needed. There are significant savings potentials in the storage environment. Mail with attachments which were sent to several people are only stored in the archive once.

Advantages at a glance

  • The archiving is versatilely configurable and can be performed according to freely definable criteria, taking into account the specific structures in IBM® Lotus Notes®
  • A simple symbolic language allows the definition of the user’s own archiving rules – without outside help
  • Almost unlimited mailbox and cross-application availability of information from the IBM Domino®-/Notes® environment
  • Archived documents are available even offline
  • Flexible and independent operation
  • Seamless and transparent integration and simple migration
  • Company-wide transparency

IT facts

  • Databases include only byte-sized references – thus reducing the database size by up to 90%
  • Improved server performance while still maintaining low hardware costs
  • Maintenance windows are expanded, maintenance and administration costs are reduced
  • Elimination of duplicates: all attachments are archived only once, even across servers
  • Simple release upgrade thanks to the use of IBM® Notes® standards
  • Use of cost-effective storage media
  • Fully integrated ECM solution
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