Rapid Prototyping

Whether its streamlining internal processes onto a mobile device, or interacting with customers via a chatbot, ApiOmat provides the tools and services to take that idea to any digital channel of today – or tomorrow. With standardized and generated APIs, digital services built with ApiOmat are easily accessible and ApiOmat SDKs speed up the delivery to any frontend device.

Low Code Tool

Empower designers and citizen developers to transform their creativity into native Android and iOS apps. Built for non-developers, ApiOmat Studio provides all the tools to quickly piece together an excellent user experience.

Form as a Service

Achieve paperless processes by digitalizing your forms. Let your customers and employees fill out and securely send forms via apps or websites. We create the app with an individualized icon, name, description and screenshots for the App Store.

ApiOmat Lab

Give the entire company a platform to build their own digital services and accelerate the pace of innovation – without complex or user-based pricing. Build any number of digital services and validate them before rolling them out to hundreds, thousands or even millions of users.

Thanks to ApiOmat, we’re now able to transform ideas into prototypes and
minimum viable products in just days rather than weeks.

Robert Leubner, Head of Marketing, BKK Linde

Robert Leubner

Low Code Tool – Web / Mobile Studio

Form as a Service

ApiOmat Lab

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