The digital procurement process with EASY Procurement

Increase process speed, transparency and efficiency – then kick back and relax

The company procurement process includes all steps which serve to supply the company with necessary resources. In short, a comparatively detailed process which involves several departments – often across locations and more often still paper-based. As a result, a lack of transparency frequently obscures the procurement process, resulting in many other phenomena, such as maverick buying.

Instead, if you rely on electronic procurement – then you accelerate and increase transparency and efficiency through digital procurement management. The EASY solution supports the entire procurement process in systems which are not SAP-based – from the purchase requisition to ordering and delivery up to invoice receipt and contract management.

Our experience – your advantages with EASY Procurement

Increased transparency

From now on, the data arising from the different process steps of the procurement management are stored and documented digitally. And are available in all locations for the departments that are involved. That way EASY Procurement generates cross-location transparency in all subprocesses of procurement management.

Reduce process efforts

Complex approval and authorization processes are replaced by automated approval processes in the digital procurement process. The approving people in all subprocesses of the procurement management automatically receive notification of the matter to be approved. That minimizes process cycle times and reduces your process costs overall. A significant advantage not just for companies with several locations.

Minimize risks

Electronic contract management in particular supports the goal of the digitization of the procurement management. The departments benefit especially from the simple and intuitive operation of the contract management, the fast access to all contracts in the company, and the reliable adherence to the compliance guidelines. Every deadline always in view – maintaining and increasing compliance with the EASY Contract module: no problem.

More efficient purchasing

Digital procurement management produces competitive advantages thanks to cost savings due to better cooperation with suppliers as well as savings in transaction and process costs as a result of automated procurement during the electronic procurement.

Optimized spending behavior

No purchase without the purchasing department. With EASY Procurement, you avoid maverick buying and establish a responsible corporate culture in terms of purchasing. No more lost price discounts, no unused price advantages, orders will no longer be placed outside of Purchasing and outline agreements.


EASY Procurement supports the entire procurement process from A to Z. All of the processes in procurement management are centrally documented and accessible to authorized people. A solution from a single source.

Our solution at a glance

Purchasing in particular is faced by challenges in companies: growing cost pressure, rapidly changing procurement markets, increasing globalization, etc. Time for digital procurement management. With EASY Procurement, you are setting out on the right path – one towards gains in transparency and efficiency.

Purchasing management

The procurement process begins with the purchase requisition and ends with the order. We reproduce these subprocesses in EASY ECM Procurement with the module EASY ECM Electronic Purchase Requisition.

Purchase requisition software

Accounts payable processing

What would a digital procurement process be without automated incoming invoice processing – right, it won’t work without it. We make this central subprocess available with EASY ECM Invoice.

Accounts payable software

Contract management

In digital contract management, all information is brought together with the digital or still to be digitized documents. You can avoid the typical stumbling blocks of paper-based contracts with EASY ECM Contract.

Contract management software

Up to now, we have mainly digitized and simplified the incoming invoice process – and thus gained high rationalization and transparency potentials. However, this can be considerably increased again by getting much further ahead in the process – already in the requirement message, via its approval, the order up to the goods receipt. This shortens and simplifies the entire process and reduces the incoming invoice process to a minimum.

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