Purchase-to-Pay in SAP®– the EASY way

Managing ordering and purchasing processes seamlessly in SAP®, from order confirmation to incoming goods inspection to the incoming invoice, can offer a high potential for optimization. With EASY P2P for SAP® Solutions, you take advantage of SAP-certified software solutions and exploit this potential for your purchase-to-pay process. This way you can transform many fragmented, mostly paper-based processes into a digital P2P system.

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Keep all partial process under control with digital solutions

Is SAP® already in use at your company in Purchasing/Finances? If you answered yes, then great! That means you have already taken the first step toward increasing your efficiency. Now you can now take the second step with EASY P2P for SAP® Solutions. We upgrade and optimize the SAP purchasing process at certain crucial points. To this end, we use the entire document flow from the SAP processes and supplement them with workflows for verification and release of document-based data (order confirmations, delivery slips, incoming invoices). In addition, we use EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions to integrate contracts and their supporting documents. The result: you speed up your business processes and increase transparency and efficiency in digital procurement management. By the way: Our products from EASY P2P for SAP Solutions are SAP certified.

SAP Zertifizierung für S/4HANA
SAP Zertifizierung für Applicationen

EASY P2P for SAP Solutions supports the procurement process in SAP – from contract management to order confirmation and incoming goods inspection all the way up to incoming invoices. And your employees will love how it works in SAP Fiori®.

Advantages: EASY P2P for SAP® Solutions

Reduce process costs

Automated release processes replace time-intensive clearance and approval procedures. The approvers receive automatic notification of the situation requiring approval. This enables you to minimize processing times and reduce overall process costs. This is a significant advantage, and not only for businesses with several locations. In addition, you can reconcile, validate and process your master data by making precise use of workflows with master data and movement data from the incoming documents.

Risk minimization

Keep all deadlines in view at all times: With EASY Contract Management for SAP Solution this becomes child’s play. EASY Contract Management sorts meta-data automatically for the contract process, e.g. contact person and deadlines etc. Thus electronic contract management supports the objective of digitization of procurement management. The specialized departments profit especially from the simple and intuitive operation of contract management for SAP, as well as from rapid access to all the company’s contracts and reliable observance of the compliance guidelines.

More efficient purchasing

Digital purchase-to-pay creates competitive advantages due to cost savings from better collaboration with suppliers and also due to savings on transaction and process costs thanks for automatic procurement.

Overview of functions

Purchasing in and of itself poses significant challenges in companies: increasing cost pressure, rapidly changing procurement markets, increasing globalization, interrupted supply chains etc. The time have come for digital procurement management! With EASY P2P for SAP® Solutions, you can take a right step in the right direction – toward greater transparency and efficiency.

Contract management

In digital contract management, all information from SAP® converges with the digital or analog documents. EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions permits you to bypass the typical stumbling blocks of paper-based contracts.

Order confirmation

EASY Order Confirmation for SAP Solutions handles the automatic collection of order confirmations, extracts quantities, prices, delivery deadlines and other data, e.g. Incoterms. Seamless integration into SAP ERP systems makes EASY Order Confirmation for SAP Solutions as a crucial link for the digital purchase-to-pay process.

Incoming goods inspection

EASY Delivery Note for SAP Solutions is one of the smart solutions for efficient collection and collation of delivery slips as an important building block for a consistent purchase-to-pay process. Fully integrated into SAP®, digital incoming goods management makes logging of delivery slips easy and reliable.

Incoming invoice processing

What would a digital procurement process be without automated processing of incoming invoices in SAP®? You are right: it would be impossible without it. EASY Invoice Management for SAP Solutions provides you with this essential partial process.

Purchase-to-pay processes

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