EASY Employee App

The Employee App with Health Radar

Today companies are faced with unique challenges, they must be able to minimise infection risks and be able to track and disrupt potential infection chains in the workplace to protect their employees as well as their customers and business partners. The EASY Employee App empowers organisations to do this quickly and effectively so that employers take preventative measures such as informing employees to work from home before they show symptoms – automatically and reliably.

EASY Employee App users can report that they have tested positive for an infectious disease and the HR department is directly informed. At the same time, the app automatically searches the integrated attendance and contact lists for each infection reported. Then the EASY employee app detects every person who may have been in physical contact or proximity to the infected person and notifies them automatically. The resulting data is not stored in the app but is confidentially delivered to the HR department.

Track, Trace and Protect – The Health Radar Module

  • Automatic comparisons of doctor’s notes with attendance and visitor lists to interrupt potential infection chains before they have the opportunity to spread
  • Automated notifications sent to relevant employees and visitors
  • Sends affected employees an instruction to remain at home
  • All data remains within the company
  • Supports COVID-19 as well as other infectious diseases such as influenza

The Health Radar Module is complimentary and to the EASY Employee App.

Mobile Employee Communication – The Employee App unlocks potential

Amongst the majority of organisations, there is considerable potential for digitalising the way employees work. The EASY Employee App provides you with a solution that ensures employees always have all the relevant information at hand and address their concerns in a targeted manner. Your human resources department will also be relieved: interventions are a thing of the past as the all the information is always sent to the correct destinations thanks to the EASY Employee App.

Additional Features in the EASY Employee App

The best conditions in our current situation is to ensure everyone is up-to-date and has uniform access to current information. With the Employee App, important updates and articles from the company newsfeed can be integrated and shared with employees and notifications are sent via push notification.

Planning time off? Stop filling out paper forms or logging into an outdated client on your PC and use the EASY Employee app to view and book paid time off on mobiles devices. The same applies for sick leave, simply select the dates and add a picture of the doctor’s note and send it off with a simple tap.


£1.00 / Employee / Month

EASY ApiOmat App Set up

initial one-time fee £500.00

EASY ApiOmat Health Radar

£0.00 / Employee / Month

Additional Features

EASY ApiOmat News Module

£1.00 / Employee / Month

EASY ApiOmat PTO Module

£1.00 / Employee / Month

EASY ApiOmat Sick Leave Module

£1.00 / Employee / Month

Book workplace / room booking

£1.00 / Employee / Month

The EASY Employee App Advantages

Everything in sight: Automatic comparison of doctor’s nots with attendance lists to track, trace and disrupt chains of infection.

Paid time off and sick leave requests can be submitted via app and find their way into the appropriate system.

Finally, paperless – the EASY Employee app makes your HR department more efficient.

Time and Location independent company communication to keep employees up-to-date.

Thanks to automatic synchronization the data is immediately available for further processing.

The app even works offline, making all of this possible even when there’s a poor signal.

Details & Facts about the EASY Employee App

Transform your internal communication for every employee and say adios to paper-based forms. Learn more about the deployment, pricing as well as the features and functions the EASY Employee can offer your company.


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The EASY Employee App runs on iOS and Android devices. We support all version of iOS and Android that are currently supported by their respective manufacturers.

Our apps are designed so that the use doesn’t require any special technical skills or knowledge. The simplicity of the app is of our highest priority and training or instructional courses are not required to use the app.

Background: Through the consumerization of IT, almost every person is capable of using mobile apps. We know this from our personal lives and our experiences with smartphones over the last 10+ years. Business applications, such as the employee app, have the same requirements as the apps we use in our free time. The user experience is the foundation of a successful app.

How can we prevent employees who left the company from using the app?

After an employee leaves the company, the administrator of the employee’s Office Account (for Office 365) or the LDAP system can disable their account. After their account has been disable, they cannot longer use or access information from the app.

The EASY Employee App uses either LDAP or Office 365 OAuth for use authentication (it is also possible to use standalone authentication). Integrations into ERP or HR systems is possible upon request, and an integration with SAP ByDesign is already in place for the PTO Request module. For the Sick Leave Module, there is an integration with EASY HR.

Custom integrations of other third-party systems, in-house or customised solutions are possible for an implementation fee.

The EASY Employee App can be downloaded via secure sources such as the Apple B2B App Store or a private channel on the Google Play Store.

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