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The Österreichische Bundesbahnen-Holding Aktiengesellschaft is one of the best-known companies in Austria. What not everyone knows is that the company also operates hydroelectric power stations, manages hundreds of properties and employs around 40,000 people across the country. In the ÖBB Business Competence Center, they know all too well how important it is to always maintain an overview.

Something else they know: completely digital HR processes are a huge help. Thanks to the digital workflow of EASY PCM, these are handled in no time at all. Today, the necessary information is available at the touch of a button and workflow and information flow run noticeably faster. Downstream processes such as the drawing up work contracts or creating new personnel files are also handled quickly and automatically.

As an extensive mobility provider, the ÖBB company carries 461 million passengers and 111 million metric tons of freight to their destinations annually, and they do it environmentally friendly. 92 percent of the traction power comes from renewable energy sources, up to 90 percent from hydroelectric power. With around 96 percent punctuality in 2016, the ÖBB is one of the most on-time train systems in Europe. Company-wide, 40,265 employees involved in train and bus traffic (plus around 1,900 trainees) make sure that 1.3 million travelers reach their destinations safely every day.

EASY PCM creates a foundation in our company for transparent, flexible, and efficient personnel processes – from hiring to retirement.

Werner Teufner, Human Resources (HR), Austrian Federal Railways

Figures for ÖBB

(Source: ÖBB)

0 Mio.
The ÖBB company transports around 1.3 million passengers
0 Metric tons
The ÖBB company transports around 300,000 metric tons of freight daily
0 Mio.
The sun is about 145 million kilometers from the Earth. The trains in the ÖBB network travel around 145 million kilometer per year and the ÖBB postbuses about 141 million kilometers
0 Seconds
An ÖBB trains starts every twelve seconds
0 Metric tons
At peak hours, around 570 trains are on the move in the network at the same time
0 %
Around 96% of the passenger trains arrived on time in 2017

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