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Goods receipt and goods receipt inspection are critical points in the procurement process: This is an area in which many companies continue to rely on paper-based delivery notes, and are forced to struggle with the typical problem areas. Simple questions about the status of the purchase order, like “where did the goods arrive, in what quantity and in what quality” cannot be answered in the required time using paper delivery notes – and in decentralized organizations with several locations, this is a particular challenge. Because: Downstream processes that are of decisive importance to a company, e.g. in the area of invoice processing or even in the production department, then run the risk of grinding to a halt.

Im Wareneingang spielt die elektronische Bedarfsanforderung weiteres Optimierungspotential aus: Lieferschein und Rechnungen bekommen einen Kontext.

Benefits of digital goods receipt inspection at a glance

EASY Delivery Notes for SAP® Solutions makes things easy, and means you can sit back and relax. After all, our solution gives your company and employees the necessary altitude for keeping an eye on every delivery note with the digital goods receipt inspection in the now digital goods receipt.

  • Transparency: Everything in view: Monitoring of the delivered goods. What was delivered where, when, in what quantity and – optionally included on the delivery note – at what price.
  • Security: Through abiding by the compliance guidelines and authorizations
  • Faster throughput times: Through the maximum automation of the digital goods receipt with integrated process control
  • Purchasing security: Through monitoring all deliveries and delivery notes in the digital goods receipt inspection – the resulting transparency enables a consistently updated overview at all times
  • Environmentally friendly: No more paper and file folders
  • Cost savings: Lean processes; deadlines for early payment discounts as well as possible reminder deadlines always in view – this is how the goods receipt inspection with the digital delivery note leads to huge efficiency gains in the subsequent processes, e.g. for the receipt of invoices.

The 3 steps of the digital goods receipt inspection

Receipt of the goods – scan-in of the delivery notes

In the now digital goods receipt department, you reliably transfer the items of the received goods to your ERP software. The straightforward and secure logging of delivery notes via scan-in using the intelligent document reader of EASY Delivery Notes is the order of the day. This is how digital goods receipt inspection works – and using EASY Delivery Notes, you can avoid error-prone, manual entries. If there is a purchase order reference, the item data of the now digital delivery note (goods receipt/issue slip) is checked automatically. Discrepancies from the original purchase order are clearly highlighted.

Faulty deliveries: identified quickly through the digital goods receipt inspection

The daily business also requires speed and precision in the warehouse. The following questions must be answered immediately upon the receipt of the goods: “Were the goods delivered to the correct place of delivery?”, “Were deliveries made in the expected lot sizes?”, “Do the quantity and quality of the ordered goods match the delivery?”, etc. This is where digital goods receipt inspection using EASY Delivery Notes comes into play: EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions identifies discrepancies between the purchase order and delivery immediately, using the digital delivery note. If necessary, you can contact the supplier directly from Delivery Notes, and any possible discrepancies are also transferred.

The door is open for downstream processes

The automatic assignment of delivery notes to order processes is just the compulsory part of the digital goods receipt inspection. Downstream processes, such as the processing and posting of incoming invoices, are optional. This is where the strengths of EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions are plain to see: The seamless extension to include purchase requisitions, purchase order management, order confirmations, the processing of incoming invoices and contract management is possible with ease.

Discover the potential of the electronic goods receipt inspection

EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions is one of the key elements of the Purchase-to-Pay process. The digital goods receipt process not only represents the interface to upstream and downstream processes, it is also an anchor point: This is where the question of what has been delivered in what quantity and quality is answered. In most cases, purchasing organizations are faced with the challenge of maintaining an overview of paper delivery notes simply because of the volume of deliveries. How does EASY Delivery Notes help you with digital goods receipt inspections in your daily business?

Manual work minimized

Reduce the manual work during the goods receipt inspection to a minimum. The intelligent EASY Delivery Notes document reader impresses with its extremely high read accuracy. The scan-in takes all the data of the delivery note and transfers it to the lead system in a structured way. This gives you more transparency.

Practical search

The convenient search function in EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions allows you to find your delivery notes at the click of a mouse at all times. It goes without saying that filtering and sorting according to due date, supplier, delivery date etc. are also possible.

Reduce process times

With the digital goods receipt inspection, you also reduce the time required for the receipt of goods – through the integrated control of the downstream process steps. Order splits for partial deliveries and returns are also triggered in the Delivery Notes application, which can, of course, also be used on mobile devices.

No duplicate entries

Avoid the widespread problem of the multiple entry of delivery notes. EASY Delivery Notes automatically checks for duplicate documents. This means you can avoid possible double payments and other difficulties that arise from this.

Maximum process transparency

Increase the process transparency in the goods receipt as well as in upstream and downstream processes. EASY Delivery Notes for SAP offers you expressive dashboards for daily monitoring. In this way, you maintain the overview and always have all the important facts and figures at your fingertips.

Questions about the electronic goods receipt inspection in SAP

How does EASY Delivery Notes help reduce the costs of the goods receipt?

With EASY Delivery Notes, goods receipts are assigned quickly and efficiently to existing procurement processes. Goods receipts are compared with the agreed information straight away (delivery quantity, delivery conditions, etc.). Time-consuming checks and manual searches and assignments are therefore eliminated.

With which SAP ERP systems can integrations be realized?

  • SAP Fiori Launchpad (on-premises or SAP Cloud Platform) with SAP Fiori Libraries
  • SAP NetWeaver > 7.40 (patch level no more than 1 year old)
  • SAP Fiori Version > 1.52

How does EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions help you to keep track of everything?

With EASY Delivery Notes, goods receipts are assigned quickly and efficiently to existing procurement processes. Goods receipts are compared with the agreed information straight away (delivery quantity, delivery conditions, etc.). This means that those responsible always have an overview of complete and outstanding deliveries.

Does Delivery Notes handle order splits with partial deliveries?

Yes. Delivery Notes masters the handling of order splits during the goods receipt inspection.

Can I use the Delivery Notes system on mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) as well?


Why should I keep the delivery notes?

Delivery notes document the receipt of goods and therefore, ideally, the proper fulfilment of the contract by the supplier. At the same time, the delivery note also documents discrepancies surrounding the delivery quantity, scope of delivery and/or quality of the delivery (e.g. damage). This is an important point to consider during the goods receipt inspection. In this respect, delivery notes are key elements in the overall process, and are therefore subject to the legal retention requirement.

What information should a delivery note contain?

  • The information on delivery notes is not subject to any legal requirements
  • A delivery note represents the binding link between the goods, the shipment and the invoice
  • With the accompanying note, also referred to as delivery note in everyday language, the customer determines the respective purchase order. In companies with a high volume of deliveries in particular, the goods slip helps to maintain an overview. In this context, the goods slip can also be the packing list at the same time. The shipping and warehouse staff check the information on the delivery note by ticking off everything contained in the package.
  • There is no legal obligation to attach a delivery note to the goods delivery. This results in compulsory details for the goods slip.
  • Recommendation: The information on the delivery note relates to its functions. It supports customers in allocating the purchase order to the invoice. Useful information on the goods slip:
    • Sender and recipient of the delivery
    • Date of shipment and delivery
    • a delivery note number and/or the invoice number to which the delivery note refers
    • a list of the delivered goods with the standard designation and important information about them (for example, in the case of a delivery of tiles: the quantity, the manufacturer’s name, the color and the format)  With this information it is possible to check whether the purchase order and delivery match.
    • Information on the method of shipment or the transport company
    • Note on ownership

Which fields does EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions read during the goods receipt inspection?

  • Header data of the delivery note:
    • Supplier
    • Recipient of the delivery
    • Shipment date and delivery date
    • Delivery note number
    • Reference to the purchase order
  • Position data of the delivery note:
    • Position number
    • Item number
    • Item designation
    • Quantity unit
    • Quantity
  • Additional fields can be easily defined

Does EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions support other Purchase-to-Pay applications?

EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions integrates seamlessly in the Purchase-to-Pay process. This enables a continuous process and document flow, from the purchase requisition, the request for quotation, the purchase order, the purchase order confirmation and the delivery through to the receipt of the invoice.

EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions harmonizes perfectly with the other SAP integrated solutions of EASY Order Confirmation for SAP Solutions, EASY Invoice Management for SAP Solutions and EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions.

How long do delivery notes have to be kept?

  • If the delivery note is also a posting document, a statutory retention requirement applies
  • According to the GoB (principles of orderly accounting), the retention requirement for documents from current business operations, such as offers or delivery notes is 6 years
  • Delivery notes that have no further significance after the receipt or dispatch of the invoice may be disposed of, provided they were compiled after January 1, 2017. This was the deadline for the German Bureaucracy Reduction Act. The former rules continue to apply to older delivery notes.

To comply with these statutory requirements, EASY Archive is available as archiving software.

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