Ad-hoc-release – Former CEO Dieter Weißhaar sues for compensation

Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, May 27, 2020. Dieter Weißhaar, former CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG, who was dismissed by the Supervisory Board by resolution of March 21, 2020, has filed a suit against the company at Duisburg Regional Court in the summary proceedings for retained salaries in the amount of about EUR 63,000.00 and a severance payment for premature termination of the Management Board service contract in the amount of EUR 1,088,000.00, each plus default interest, which was served to the company yesterday. The company had initially withheld the salary payments for the months of March and April 2020 due to claims for damages against Dieter Weißhaar in at least the same amount due to breaches of duty which were discovered in the course of an audit conducted by the Supervisory Board. Dieter Weißhaar is contractually entitled to a claim for severance pay only if there was no good cause within the meaning of § 626 BGB for the immediate dismissal. In this respect, too, the company refers to breaches of duty by the former Chairman of the Management Board.

In summary proceedings, the Company’s options for defending itself against the action are significantly limited, since disputed facts can only be proven by documentary evidence and other forms of evidence are generally excluded. Should the Company be defeated, it reserves the right to exercise its rights in subsequent proceedings.


The Management Board

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