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Whitepaper: Digital Collaboration in Contract Management

Inefficient contract processes are real margin killers. Integrated contract management solutions focus on the user experience and the collaboration of all process participants - for smooth processes without media discontinuity.

Whitepaper: Purchase-to-Pay in three steps

In the whitepaper, we show you how to combine this multi-layered conglomerate of upstream and downstream sub-processes into a meaningful whole using EASY P2P ECM - for a smooth, transparent and accelerated purchase-to-pay process.

Whitepaper: Contract Lifecycle Management in SAP®

Digital contract management automates all aspects of the contract lifecycle. The goal: Gain control while reducing operating costs. Learn how it works.

Whitepaper: Smart incoming invoice processing in SAP®

Learn in our whitepaper how to avoid stumbling blocks and optimize the incoming invoice process in a short time with digital incoming invoice processing in SAP® .

Whitepaper: The Purchase-to-Pay Process in SAP

Learn about the benefits of digital purchase-to-pay processes in SAP compared to traditional procurement in the whitepaper.

Whitepaper: A self-service portal for a flawless interaction between purchasing and suppliers

Find out how to create happier suppliers, happier buyers & more profitable businesses.

Whitepaper: Making the Case for Cloud

Read this EASY Software whitepaper, produced in partnership with CIPS, as we explore the benefits and challenges of taking your organisation’s procurement processes digital.

Checklist: Introduction Of A Document Management System

The importance of introducing a DMS should not be underestimated because, after all, it has an impact on all areas of the company. Good preparation is therefore crucial. To ensure that the DMS introduction in your company is a success, we accompany you step by step on this path with our checklist and provide you with assistance for the individual project phases.

Whitepaper: Smart Data Archiving for SAP and the Entire Enterprise Range of Applications

How to make archived data from SAP and other applications more usable through integrated document management.