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Corporate Social Responsibility: Spring Awakening Thanks to EASY

Social and ecological action play an important role at EASY. Our corporate social responsibility activities include, among other things, the sponsorship of socially disadvantaged elementary school children in Mülheim-Eppinghofen, a district in the immediate neighborhood of our company headquarters. Just as last year, a donation from EASY allowed the district administration of Eppinghofen to set up an exciting and eventful program for fifteen children.

About birds, bees, and meadows

The Easter break activities ranged from a bird walk along the Ruhr to a field trip to the “Lebensraum Wiese” (Biotope Meadow) to a bee rescuer day. The latter was all about the insects and their “main product.” Strengthened by a honey breakfast, the children joined a beekeeper to study bees and plant insect-friendly flowers in public spaces. Back in the district office, the kids made candles from genuine beeswax and sowed a colorful “bee meadow” for home.

Art and creativity

Things were artistic – where else? – at the art museum. The children learned how nature comes into the picture in the art exhibition. After all the children had sketched the nature from their favorite picture, the youngsters went outside to look for subjects in order to immortalize nature – now that they were well prepared – in their own sketches and clay figures – artistic license included.

When interest meets pleasure

The program clearly demonstrated that the Ruhr valley and especially Mülheim has a lot more green and nature to offer than many people think. At the end of the week, the children were unanimous. Of course, there is nature in Eppinghofen! By the way, once again the spots in the popular vacation program were quickly snapped up. The concept met with maximum acceptance and obviously fulfilled the kids’ urge to explore. That’s why we’re looking forward to the next time, both for the children and for EASY. In other words, to be continued – during summer vacation 2018.

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