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Don’t Fall Behind in Information Retrieval – Overcome Media Disruptions Now

No matter if it’s letters from the insurance company, a paper job application, delivery notes, digital invoices in a variety of formats by email, ZUGFeRD formats, XRechnungs, or even paper-based invoices – everyone is familiar with it. Format and media disruptions still represent a stumbling block in information retrieval in a company. These must be overcome.

The most effective digital handling and processing procedures are worthless if the collection – that is the digitization and/or transmission of the data in the process – works poorly or not at all. The following processes can be named as examples: incoming invoice and purchasing processes, etc., all of which are of key importance for a company.


Process automatically – the dreams of Mr. Clarke

Mr. Clarke, the manager of the accounting department in a manufacturing plant, YXZ GmbH, has a dream and is hoping for a miracle: all ordering and invoicing processes as well as payments are automatically handled in the responsible department… In his dream, he approves the payment while lying on the beach under the palms – what a life.

Returned to his reality, Mr. Clarke is annoyed. Once again, invoices spend days in reception and the administrative assistant’s office and the invoice verification process introduced six months ago stops and can’t be used.

Unhappy, he keeps a written invoice ledger, so that he can at least make provisions for the payment of the invoices at the end of the month.

First, someone in the administrative assistant’s must carry out the digitization of invoices, for example into Portable Document Format (PDF). That doesn’t bring Mr. Clarke any further. PDF is nice, but the employees have to collect, transcribe, and assign the data to an account. A massive job with a high rate of errors: errors in digitization, misreading, and typos. The result: the approval process takes time, because there are constant questions.


Turning dreams into reality – faster than you think

New horizons are in view thanks to the use of AI and RPA in the development of the basic technologies (OCR) and as part of collection solutions, where we have calculated an enormous number of examples in the global environment.

The goal is in sight. Our EASY solution offers integrated processes in digitization. One of the most important process modules in commercial processes is the recording of information.

Once introduced, we break through the wall of media disruptions with the goal of

  • minimizing process times
  • relieving employees
  • increasing transparency and
  • reducing costs.

We handle the complete range of media disruption transition between image and information.

In our EASY module, collection with automatic extraction of data, invoices and correspondence, orders, sales confirmations are all classified, extracted, and conveyed to the processes in the blink of an eye.

And, as the mathematicians say, quod erat demonstrandum – see for yourself and let us help you. Register for our webcast to make the dream a reality. EASY like will show you how simply the process can work in your company.

About Thomas Meysel
Thomas Meysel has been product manager for EASY applications since June 2016. In his spare time he travels as a passionate hobby chef and author of cookbooks on East African cuisine. If the cooking results are unsuccessful, he reduces his frustration by going to the Borussia Dortmund football stadium.
Thomas Meysel
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