EASY Contract – unlimited collaboration

Creating contract documents together and signing them digitally

Imagine you are in the initial discussions with your business partner about an upcoming business transaction. Using Skype, in teams and by email, you have had an amicable discussion and made extensive use of the digital media options. Both parties are ready to conclude a contract. All the signs are green for go – but are they really?

Now is when things would usually become tedious and time-consuming – from the draft contract to the final contract. This is precisely when the back and forth via email with the attached documents would start – and continue later, including media breaks: Printing, signing, sending to the contract partner by post, scanning, filing and archiving. It takes time. With EASY Contract, however, you no longer need any of this.

This is exactly where the new functions of EASY Contract come into play. We turn employees and business partners into digital teams.

Compiling contracts together, regardless of the location

Provided that the contract templates have been made ready using the Document Designer, all you have to do is to send the first draft contract to Google Docs/Google Drive or Microsoft Word online/Microsoft OneDrive for their joint completion. You can then use the integrated function to invite the participants to complete them together. It goes without saying that comment and correction options are also available here.

Making it to the joint draft contract doesn’t get any faster than that! This enables you to reduce the processing run times like never before. With EASY Contract, the trials and tribulations of draft contracts that are sent by email are a thing of the past.

Sign contracts digitally

So far, so good. But that’s just half the battle. Making the final draft contract into the concluded contract requires the signatures of the contracting parties. We also support this in EASY Contract by connecting to the providers of trust services, such as FP Sign or DocuSign, etc. Digital signatures can therefore be generated comparatively easily – and from the legal perspective, you are on the safe side. And all of this in just a few clicks.

All in all, with the new features and functions, we are therefore bringing EASY Contract up to date – for truly limitless cooperation and the option of making the new providers of trust services that have been created according to the eIDAS Regulation usable in the contract management as well.

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