WebDAV for ILM – for GDPR-compliant archiving

Introduction of the GDPR on May 28, 2018 has caused a stir in many places and among enterprises. Since then, there have been special requirements for handling personal information. Today, we are talking to Olaf Westmeier (SAP Solutions expert at EASY SOFTWARE) about the opportunities, possibilities and challenges in GDPR-compliant archiving using EASY WebDAV for ILM.

1. SAP® responded quickly to the introduction of the GDPR and provided a fundamental option for handling personal information in compliance with privacy laws using SAP ILM® (Information Management Lifecycle). Olaf, to what extent are companies adopting and using this tool?

Most of our customers have launched projects on this extensive topic. One recurring motive, alongside the GDPR, is that recently people are beginning to ask our customers, “What information about me have you stored?” However, there appear to be only a few companies which openly (!) discuss their retention management, that is blocking and deleting data.

Companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring DSGVO conformity in the archive as well.

2. What do you thinka are the greatest challenges in using SAP ILM?

Implementation of the SAP Information Management Lifecycle gains considerable complexity as the size of a company increases. The topic of “data lifecycle” covers almost all  departments in a company. The challenge is in creating and implementing the required rules, together with the departments. Another hurdle is that in many companies the topic of “data archiving” is still unresolved –and this for precisely one reason: there is often no certified interface to SAP ILM for the currently used archives.

3. Can you give us a brief introduction to what EASY WebDAV for ILM is all about?

EASY WebDAV for ILM is suitable for companies which are using an SAP ERP system and, where appropriate, also SAP Information Lifecycle Management. These companies have already dealt intensively with the topic of SAP ILM. Now they are faced with the challenge of handling of personal information separately even during archiving, i.e. also ensuring GDPR-compliance in the archive.

This is precisely where EASY WebDAV for ILM comes into play – as an interface between SAP ILM and the EASY archiving system. In this way, you ensure that the blocking and deletion attributes assigned in SAP ILM are also passed to the archive. The major advantage is that we make things simple for companies in terms of configuration. Only a little effort is to be expected for installation. In this way, GDPR-compliance is easily achieved, and the company is on the safe side.

We now have some experience from ILM projects, and are happy to make that experience (archiving of data and creation of rules) available.

4. Archives have long been a fixed component of data management in companies – it can be assumed that archives contain personal information. Is there a way to take already archived data into account in the ILM concept?

If subsequent re-archiving maintains the ILM standard, it will also work with EASY Archive. Further procedure must be defined in the project workshop.

5. Can documents archived prior to using the Easy WebDAV interface be deleted?

Yes, because rules for that were or are defined by the ILM project.

6. Are WebDAV for ILM and Archive Link different products for EASY?

Yes, that’s right. However, they have a similar code base and come with the same configuration interface.

7. We have licensed EASY for SAP – are additional licenses necessary for EASY WebDAV for ILM?

Yes, EASY WebDAV for ILM must be additionally licensed.

8. What solution approaches are there so that existing archives (ADK files) can also be taken into account?

Unfortunately, this question does not have a general answer, because solution approaches depend on the data which has already been archived. EASY consultants will be happy to discuss possible solution approaches with you in an onsite workshop in your location. SAP course 665 (!) on ILM also touches on solution approaches.

9. Are there also options on EASY’s part for GDPR-compliant archiving of data from non-SAP systems?

The issue here is usually that other ERP systems (unlike with SAP) do not have an ILM rule set, and those rules must then be completely mapped in the archive for data and documents to be archived.

In addition, blocking and deleting data and documents in a revision-proof archive must be dealt with.

Please contact your EASY partner about these topics.

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