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cortility gmbh, headquartered in Ettlingen – technology region Karlsruhe – employs more than 40 people. With its Document Management/Archiving division, cortility offers the right solutions for every industry and company size.

Digital Solution Group

At DSG, we see ourselves as constant companions for our customers in times of digital transformation. Thanks to our interdisciplinary team composition, we always deliver innovative project and solution approaches and consequently leave a lingering and individual impression. The customer’s expectations and objectives always remain in focus.

xSuite Group

xSuite Group

xSuite is a software manufacturer of applications for document-based processes that has made it its duty to provide standardized digital solutions globally that enable simple, safe and quick work.

Common Management Solutions

Common Management Solutions

CMS has delivered implementation projects in more than 20 countries, for more than 100 customers and over 10,000 users worldwideCommon MS is SAP’s Gold Partner and is also the only 100% Spanish capital company to have an agreement with sap’s official support: AGS (Active Global Support) of SAP.


IMDS – International Medias Data Services

With more than 30 years of experience IMDS is the right address for automated document processing, regardless of whether it is Automated Document Capture (ADC), Electronic Document Management (EDM) or Automated Document Production (ADP).