Digital Solution Group GmbH

EASY Solution Partner


Digital Solution Group GmbH
Grillparzerstraße 10
81675 Munich


At DSG, we see ourselves as constant companions for our customers in times of digital transformation. Thanks to our interdisciplinary team composition, we always deliver innovative project and solution approaches and consequently leave a lingering and individual impression. The customer’s expectations and objectives always remain in focus.

Success stories with our clientele from all over Europe attest to our expertise on the one hand and confirm us in our all-encompassing project approach on the other. Working with the Digital Solutions Group is not a one-off job. The key to success is always the establishment of sustainable partnerships in which the human factor plays the central role. Due to our history of origin and as sister of an international wholesale company, we look back on many years of experience with EASY and know the best possible application in practice.

In addition to EASY solutions, as an IFS partner we also serve the interface between DMS and ERP, which is extremely important for companies. In order to be able to offer our customers the networking of all company-relevant information, we also see our offer in the xRM area as a perfect complement.

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